First Day On the Job


BFD was born out of two stylish people (Eleanor Bothwell and Keith Farrington) who first met on an online dating site, and quickly discovered that they both shared a passion not only for each other, but for home decor.

Our first house together (BothFarr Mansion) is a work in progress that reflects the development of the BFD style.

In our individual voyages through the decor trends of our generation(s), we have arrived at our signature style which is ‘eclectic’ and anything but easily classified. Which is how we both feel style should be. It’s not about having an entire room or house that coordinates perfectly in colour scheme or time period for us, it’s about meshing all the different influences and tastes we have together in a way that ensures everything gets a place. This is not to say that everything we like gets a participation ribbon, far from it. But now that we have embarked on renovating and revamping our place together, we have had to come to the realization that eventually you have to stop buying chairs, and light fixtures and towels.

Which is why we are now turning our love of design outwards, helping friends find pieces for their homes, redesigning rooms and tastes as we go. Whether it’s a dining room table or a kitchen revamp, we love it all, and hope to be able to put that love to good use by working with others to get exactly what it is they want to complete their space. We firmly believe that style doesn’t have to be expensive and that there are millions of affordable options out there when it comes to decorating a home.

In a nutshell:  Friends don’t let friends buy art from Homesense.


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