Light Fixture Love

It’s always fun when someone asks: I need a new light… any ideas? We don’t have enough room in our house for all the lighting we wish we had, so when we’ve run out of people to live vicariously through… We’re gonna put our faves up here!

Great for a bedroom or even a fancy closet! (Do it! Fancy closet!!!)

CB2’s Bell Flushmount Lamp $62

First saw this at Mama Shelter in Paris, so you know it’s cool.

May Day Utility Light $149

This one is the wow wow wow. Free shipping in Ontario makes this *slightly* less expensive….

Acrylic & Brass Floor Lamp $845

Sidenote: If you ARE ever in the market for a new lamp, couch, paint colour, pretty much anything, drop us a line and we’ll find you stuff! All we ask is that we get to use photos of our recommendations for our site! That’s it!


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