DIY Baby Sheets

Our good friends are going to have twins imminently, and was looking for cost effective design options in a black and white/Scandinavian style. I’ve posted a sneak peek of the room in transition on our twitter ( Follow us! @bfdesigners ) but you can also see it… right here!


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Considering the amount of laundry on the horizon, I (Eleanor) thought it best to heavy up on the supplies with a simple decor idea for the white, fitted crib sheets.

What I used:

Ikea LEN Crib Fitted Sheets (White); $14.99 for a set of 2 (I bought 2 sets for 4 sheets total)

Pebeo Set a Skrib Fabric Marker (Black); $4.99 

DIY Sheet supplies

DIY Sheet Supplies

Step One:

Pick out your designs. The polka dots took the least amount of time (10 mins), and the crosses took the most (25 mins).


Swirly Curlies

photo 3

Polka Dot

photo 4


photo 5


Step Two:

Start at a corner, fill to the other corner and then move along the centre of the sheet to the other side. Better to spread out the little shapes and fill in spaces afterwards then to concentrate too much in a small amount of space. The more doodling you do, the longer it will take! In order to maintain sanity, don’t try to do super straight lines of a design, make the placement random. Each sheet will easily take an hour if you start getting into right angles.

The finished product

The finished product

Step Three:

Leave the designs to set for 24 hours, and you can iron on all of them as well to make extra special super sure the design doesn’t wear off.

And one more thing:

Wash as necessary, and save the marker for top ups/touch ups if any one area looks like the colour is wearing off.



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