Ikea Expedit Fluorescent Extravaganza

This is a rejig of the Ikea standard Expedit bookcase, except in mid 00’s dark condo style wood.  Yes, we both fell prey to that trend. Now we’re painting it. Basically the same shelf is now called Kallax … and can still be found in black brown.

Step 1: Prime the entire bookcase, at least 2 coats using a high density primer like Zinsser Bullseye. (also good for covering up stains on walls and ceilings. Like red wine.. for example)

Step 2: Leave sit for at least 24 hours.

Step 3: Tape white trim and interior of shelves with good quality painters tape. Make sure it’s affixed firmly so that there’s a nice clean line at the corners..

Step 4: Wearing a mask, cover the exterior of the bookshelf in fluorescent red spraypaint. Or pink? Yellow would also be ridiculous.

Step 5: Either leave the interior white or choose a light contrast colour. We used a really light baby blue.

Step 6: Shellack that sucker. Like 4 or 5 coats.

Step 7:  Screw in 4 legs to the bottom (or side) of the bookcase. The legs we chose are less than $4.00 each from Home Depot (shhh) and we made some patterns with painters tape and the baby blue paint from the interior of the shelves. We decided to put them a shelf space in on either side for a mid century style.

Step 8: To finish up, get some baskets for your at the door accoutrements that inevitably gather at the front door. We chose some woven white ones from Ikea.

What I bought:

BRANÄS Basket, white $14.99

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 $32.97 homedepot.ca

Fluorescent Red Sabotaz 80 spray paint $6.99

ALEXANDRIA MOULDING Hardwood Round Taper Leg $3.70

So until you’re able to get that brass and lucite Art Deco console table from 1st Dibs, this might do the trick.



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