The BFD Reveal: Melissa and Steve’s Scandinavian Style Nursery

I wanted to get this post out before the nursery we designed for Melissa and Steve’s twins never looks like this again! Babies are due any day, and with the sexes still a surprise, a black and white Scandinavian style nursery was a perfect addition to their Queen West rowhouse.

Before it was a bedroom, the 10×12 middle room on the second floor was largely storage for the extras of all the other rooms in the house. The couple did a large renovation on the main floor of the house in the fall, so it was an easy place to store bit and pieces with a door that closed.

2 babies in this? No problem!

2 babies in this space? No problem!

Nursery Panorama 1 and 2

First and foremost, everything got a new coat of white paint. With limited space, and considering the number of changes this room will go through in its early stages as a nursery, white is an easy to touch up canvas that can accommodate all sorts of style updates. The brightness of a white room, especially with the sun through the window, will make the room appear fresh while maximizing space.

Scandinavian Style Nursery

1. Black & White Pineapple Throw $150  2. White Ribba Picture Ledge $14.99
3. Eivor Curtains $14.99 and StockholmThrow Cushion $19.99
4. Orange chair

And a few final touches……Scandianvian Nursery in Toronto Finishing Touches


And voila, complete with my custom DIY Baby Sheets. Now ready for babies. Stay tuned for part two when we add in another crib!!!

Melissa and Steve Wedding Day

And all the best to the beautiful mum and dad, thanks for letting us be a part of your journey!



5 thoughts on “The BFD Reveal: Melissa and Steve’s Scandinavian Style Nursery

  1. Stephanie says:

    HI I was just wondering what you think of your Ullgump rug now that you have had it for awhile? Would you put baby down on it? What kind of texture is it – rough or soft?
    Thanks – just looking at purchasing myself for my nursery but am wondering if it is worth the price if it ends up being course.
    Beautiful job overall by the way! Fun to do up nursery’s isn’t it!


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