Affordable Luxury: The Sale at

For us regular folk who cannot afford $1,000 bathroom fixtures, original (not pre owned or repro) Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair or an Aga oven in our eclectically OTT kitchen that nobody but the help obviously cooks in, sales are our best friend. The biggest secret in good decor is that style doesn’t not have to be expensive, it just needs to be strategic.

Currently about 60% of the things we have in our house that were bought ‘new’, were on sale. Of that 60%, I’d say about 50% came from an ‘As Is’ / ‘Floor Model’ section at a favourite store. Even if there is a nick or mark on something you are buying new, chances are you’ll be the only person who sees it, if it can’t be gotten rid of with a little elbow grease and soap. That, of course, requires you to get off your ass and go shopping, which, if that’s not your thing, or you don’t know where to start, can be daunting and easily end up a ‘Yeah, when I have time I’ll do that’ thing on your list of things that probably won’t ever get done.

No but seriously.

That’s where online sales come in. True, there are some designer furniture and decor brands out there that are lucky enough to sell at full price all of the time, but that’s not where we are looking. The best way to accumulate a braggable collection of cool is to start in the sale section of a designer site, that ships to Canada, and start accessorizing. Browsing through the drool-tastic Jonathan Adler (one of our favourite contemporary designers) site last night, I couldn’t pick just one thing to add to another article I was thinking of writing, so I said eff it. Let’s not choose and show it all. Every item is clickable and ships to Canada, though prices are in USD.

With the shower curtain’s potential to be the biggest and most dominant element in a bathroom in terms of pattern and colour, this pretty much guarantees your whole bathroom will be designer by default. White towels with some grey accent pieces in a crisp white bathroom? Boom.

Imagine 3 or 4 of these in a cluster by the front door, on a bathroom wall for your fancy ‘when guests come over’ hand towels, or even favourite ties or jewelry? Badass and a more timeless interpretation of the antlers/deer head trend that won’t get tired in a few years.

This candle holder is classic Jonathan Adler whimsy. Two of these on a console table in the hall or behind the couch? They would also be gorgeous in a grouping of candle holder of different types and heights on a dining room table.

BRASS TOP HAT CANDLE HOLDER Reduced from $125 to $61.99 USD

Add a few top hats into the mix? You gots a fancy table!

The turquoise and grey are not in stock, but the red and yellow would look divine together as a small coffee table, or on either side of a chair. Or you could just pick one, and be reasonable. Which is hard.

There are also a handful of original artworks on sale, though you’ve GOT to check out the original art available on the site as well. From watercolours to photos and prints, there is a stable of original art by real artists that Jonathan Adler features in his online shop. This one is a favourite because of the hat, and literal tail. But there are a handful of others by the same artist on sale that would be perfect grouped together on a feature wall or in a line down a first floor hallway. As far as original art goes, the pricing is pretty great.

And now… for the drool. Because it’s just impossible to have a Jonathan Adler post without all of the fabulosity that is his signature style. We’re waiting for all of this to maybe, or possibly never, go on sale. But still, one can dream….

Cannot. Handle. The. Divine. Lucite wood art deco furniture porn dream. Basically.

I know, more lucite? Yes. Yes absolutely. There is never enough lucite.

You pretty much have to buy at least 3 of these. Malachite gets lonely, so you need to have it in large helpings. Like chocolate.

Aaaand mic drop.



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