Craigslist Shopping: The Easter Edition

To be honest the only thing this post has to do with Easter is that it’s on Easter weekend, and most things are closed today (in Ontario at least). So undoubtedly you’re going to be spending even more time staring at your personal screens (instead of work ones, which are like, totally different). My Craigslist finds post from a few weeks back was a big hit, so I thought well let’s make it a thing (we kind of get to do that seeing as it’s out blog). So there. Now it’s a thing. Buy used. Buy cool. Buy local.

No seriously.

It’s spring! Celebrate with a new thingie! (all clickable, available NOW!)


Love this. Maybe not in its current environment, but a cool chair for a desk or an in the bedroom in the corner chair?

This is an excellent ‘we need to have a discussion’ chair. Like a ‘Think you are responsible enough to go to Mexico with your friends by yourself and how exactly are you paying for this thing?’ kind of chair. Or a kick ass reading nook chair for reading mysteries.

They don’t sell these anymore at Ikea (I checked) though they look like they would cost at least $50 each (more of their upmarket Scandinavian modern style that tends to have a ‘heftier’ price tag). Actually, these with the red chair at a cool dining table would be very stylish. All about the light, bright, Scandi style.

Not a bad price for 2 mid century modern chairs, and you won’t even need to reupholster right away if the grey works with your decor, which it usually does. These WILL NOT last.

For some reason there is a plethora of reasonably priced mid century furniture on Craigslist today… Best to not look this gift horse in the mouth and just start making calls. Like with those chairs, this table is not going to last long.


Dude, this is like the daily double, but for furniture. Like The dresser ALONE could be going for $600. Get it all and figure out what you want where afterwards. Not the biggest fan of the little pulls on the dresser/tables, but those can easily be switched with a leather pull like one of the ones featured here in this article from Remodelista. See? Leather pulls coooool.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter/Passover! Enjoy the long weekend!




4 thoughts on “Craigslist Shopping: The Easter Edition

  1. Megan Mae says:

    hahahaha I love your sense of sarcasm in your posts and more importantly that your blog is “a big f*cking deal”. Love finding weird things on Craigslist. Can’t wait to see your other finds


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