Kijiji Shopping: The Easter 2015 Edition

Ok, it’s obviously spring cleaning weekend because there is so much great stuff getting posted that I, against my better judgement because I already did one of these yesterday, am doing another one today because I’m at the cottage looking at all this awesome stuff and I totally just can’t handle it. I feel like this is the content equivalent of saying, ‘Allow myself to introduce…. myself.’ But I can’t help it. There’s MORE AWESOME STUFF!!!

Pair of Bamboo Lounge Chairs $60

Paint these black and get some new cushions, sun room done. Or white. White with a ridiculous floral or palm leaf print.

Vintage Chrome and leather lounge chair $220

Hopefully there’s a bit of room for negotiation on this because of the wear and tear, but this would be nice accent in an MCM style living room, or a not ugly alternative to a hideous TV watching chair? (why are all the best chairs to watch TV in totally hideous?)

1960’s Warren Platner Barber Chairs / Salon Chairs $225

OMG. These are absolutely ridiculous and kick ass gorgeous. Just buy them.

These would look really great in the same room as that chrome and leather chair. Or not. Beside your Ikea couch? Modern bad-assery.

Teak furniture set (Couch, chair, coffee table, two end tables and unit) $600!!!!

GET THEE TO THE ‘SHWA. LIKE 5 MINUTES AGO. I can’t even this is such a steal of a deal. We are seriously sitting around trying to figure out where the hell to store this stuff. The console ALONE you would normally pay $600.

These for bedside or in a study? This guy has awesome stuff, check this one out!

I love lamp.

Ok I’m finished. Seriously.



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