Craigslist Finds! Week of May 4th!

Get your latest and greatest! Vicarious decoration at it’s finest! Presenting the latest Craigslist Toronto finds.

Even for the chairs alone, this is a steal. The chairs with current upholstery could even work in a minimally decorated loft space large enough for them to be stylish and not ironic.

Could work on a patio or as occasional chairs for a large BBQ? They just say ketchup. So no biggie if someone spills.

Steal of a deal alert!!! Seriously these tables cost waaaay more than this normally and don’t look nearly as good. You can also replace the top with marble, use it as a sink base (in a minimal white bathroom, nothing country kitsch) or a side table.

Scandi fabulous. Each retailed for over $150, so see what they’ll take!

Not bad! Needs a little love, but this is a piece that could last you for years if it’s in good condition.







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