It’s 5 DAYS Till Mother’s Day: Don’t Freak OUT

BFD has you covered. In addition to excellent furniture, lighting and general fabulousness recommendations, we are also very adept at the buying/wrapping/giving of gifts, (and will actually be offering our services for the Holidays the year) so, we’ve rounded up a few lovely options for you last minute, holy crap it’s at the same time EVERY year, Mother’s Day gift panickers.

Moms LOVE Kate Spade. The colours are punchy, the combinations are cheekily tasteful, and this cup and saucer set could give you potential gifts for the next three years… as you add to the set.

This is the best tea. Seriously. Get her a fancy tea to go with the fancy cup. Or… if your mom’s a little more cerebral and has of humour about her tea vessels…

…this mug is a musical pop culture, Oedipal delight!

No sir, I beg to differ. Word to YOUR mother.

As far as flowers are concerned, maybe try going Saturday or at 9am Sunday. There will be lines, but the prices and selection are worth it. Serious.

Who doesn’t like a nice photo in a cool frame? Umbra remains the leader with cool picture frames internationally, but the shipping here is pretty reasonable! Or you could go to the store.

Although you may want to buy her a day at spa at the Shangri-La… The home scent collection, yes, you can buy the smell of the Shangri-La, is much more affordable and pocket/bag sized.

And don’t forget the card.



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