Travel With Towels: A Helping Hand (Towel) for the Long Weekend!

The most difficult thing about visiting all of the fabulous stores we did while on holiday is having to leave all of the fabulous things they sell at the stores and not be able to take any of it with us.  As you saw in our previous design porn post from Oslo, there was plenty of heartbreakingly beautiful furniture, lighting and etc that we could not (afford, not even a little) take with us. The one exception to our no furniture (not even flat pack) rule? Towels.

Towels are a great way to placate/fool yourself into thinking you’re bringing home some seriously alternative and  exclusive decor ‘from the continent’ because they are affordable, packable and you always need them. Like seriously, who doesn’t need towels? Bath towels? Hand towels?  Viking Ship Museum tea towels? Check.

These were our first towel investment care of Oxford Street Marks and Spencer in London. You can actually buy them online if you want via the link above, but shipping can be expensive sometimes when coming from the UK thanks to the duty you have to pay. Then again, if it’s only a few towels you’re getting, they may very well squeeze by unnoticed. Not that we would know. *cough*

Towels for HAY by Scholten & Baijings in Cherokee Red (and mint green, with grey and white and a stripe of green!)

Towels for HAY by Scholten & Baijings in Cherokee Red (and mint green, with grey and white and a stripe of green!)

Ok, just one more. These towels are just that good. Yes, Towels.

Ok, just one more. These towels are just that good. Yes, Towels.

So if we thought that just the hand towels from London were enough, obviously we were fooling ourselves. If you haven’t had the pleasure, check out Hay of Denmark’s unbelievably drool worthy furniture, homewares and textiles. With shops around Scandinavia, their minimalist style is totally in line with the esthetic sensibilities of the Scandinavian Modern look (if you’re not familiar, follow My Scandinavian Home on Instagram, or visit her blog here).

this Hackney Carriage Sofa by Wrong for HAY mocks me with it’s divine velvet feels

Seeing as it’s gray and cold and miserable outside, and it’s a long weekend, it may make sense to try and do a few things around the house/cottage/INSIDE to try to brighten up the place and make sure it’s ready for when summer comes back. (’cause Toronto weather’s hilarious like that) Might we suggest a few hand towels for a toilet revamp? (throw pillows are another ace, inexpensive alternative for refreshing the domain, but we’re not writing about those today)

It never hurts to reevaluate your white towel collection (you should always have white towels: they go with EVERY bathroom, and freshen up the room better than any other). Recycle the dingy ones and use them in your swiffer as a mop alternative or as rags for cleaning/polishing your finest silverware and tiaras. If you don’t have any,  get a good deal on a few at Winners or Homesense to get started. Trust.

Nautical AND Scandi style together! Enjoy the Simons (BEST place to shop when in Quebec City/Montreal)

Turkish bath towels are a nice change for the summer months. Lighter and available in tons of colours, they can also double as a sarong walking down to the dock or a blanket for picnics.

Or you could take the stripey and go with the traditional terry style.. Totally your call. (or buy them both!)

Or you could go for something a little more drastic with this punchy jacquard print from Zara Home. Did you know you can order Zara Home online and they ship here? You DON’T have to go to Yorkdale! You’re welcome.

Wishing you all a relaxing Victoria Day Weekend!




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