DIY Wednesday: Gettin Crafty With the Ikea Skurar Candle Holder

We first fell in love with the Ikea Skurar tea light holder when it came out a few years ago.  As semi regular Ikea visitors (don’t judge, we love the hotdogs and cinnamon buns) we are pretty up on what’s new and always struggle with talking ourselves out of a new candle related home accessory, especially when it’s only $2. The scandi-chic appeal was too much to resist, from the lace-like cutouts to the simple white metal construction. They are stackable, durable and go with any table setting or vignette bookshelf style you can throw at it.

SKURAR Candle holder, white $1.99

Having started off with 2, it wasn’t long before that number grew to 6… and then we added in some of the larger holders (good for block candles or 2-3 tealites at a time)… And then last summer they came out with the Skurar in different colours like light pink and mint green. So we heavied up with some of the mint green too…

Skurar Candles Holder In Shelfie

Skurar candle holders keeping our David Shrigley salt and pepper shakers company

No planter? NO PROBLEM! Skurar to the aesthetic rescue!

No planter? NO PROBLEM! Skurar to the aesthetic rescue!

They also became a central player in the decor at our wedding last summer with a few modifications to suit the colour scheme, which was gold, mint green, white and fluorescent red. I know it sounds gross, but it actually worked. Check it out:

Those patio lanterns...

Those patio lanterns…

No but seriously though...

No but seriously though… The red is growing on you, right?

BFD Wedding Entrance and Guest Book Table

Oh hayyyyy Skurar, fancy seeing you here!

BFD Wedding Table Setting

And here…

And here!!!

…And here (with some custom fluorescent red accents)

How to get this look:


GET YOURSELF A SKURAR CANDLE HOLDER. Small or large (though large is better if you’re trying this for the first time and aren’t sure about your spray painting skills)

Skurar Candle Holder


PICK YOUR SPRAY PAINT. (and make it a bold contrast)

step two and a half

Make sure you put down some newspaper and either apply the paint in large sized cardboard box (this stuff gets on EVERYTHING) or in a shed where the paint getting on things won’t matter. Wear a mask, especially if you’re making a few of these things: red nosehairs, while funny, are not a good sign of you being a responsible, crafting adult. Wrap the outside of the candle holder with newspaper and tape it tightly around the top. Affix tape directly to the bottom of the holder that holds the paper in place. If it moves around, you could end up with drippy bits leaking on the outside.


Spray in a circular motion, first at the top of the holder

Spray that candle holder starting from the back centre and moving your arm around in a circle to get the whole inside. Don’t hold the spray paint too close to the metal or it will get drippy. Two sprays at the top, one under the top for the ombre effect. You could also tape the inside of the holder if you wanted straight lines instead.


Looks pretty cool, eh?

Looks pretty cool, eh?

For pretty much anything that needs to be kept in something else, like pens, hair elastics or tall paintbrushes, Ikea’s Skurar candle holders have your candles n stuff looking cooler than the average can.





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