Buy This Stuff Because We Can’t: Craigslist Finds For May 30th!

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been able to post one of these because I guess the weather has been too nice outside for people in Toronto to bother cleaning out their basements/attics/get their product moving and up on this blog! Here’s our latest and greatest (cannot be held responsible if this stuff is already gone–we’re moving as fast as we can here, people):

There’s a darker wood version of the same if you wanted to get both and do a coffee table combo, but if you can only get one, the graphic white and grey triangle one is a versatile little table that will look stylish in a powder room, beside a bed or even on a sun porch with wine. in a glass, with a coaster, obvs)

An inexpensive and Scandi inspired light wood and white modern set that could be a nice addition to a kids bedroom or a guest room. We were tempted to say Ikea? But we don’t recognize the exact design, so this may be an even more enticing mystery steal!

These will not last long at this price! An absolutely style steal, these Gispen Fotomuseum tables regularly retail for much more than the asking $350 (per). Admittedly not the least expensive selection from our list today, when your Richard Hutten designer tables can only be found online with ‘Price Upon Request’ listed underneath, you can afford to be a little snobby.

We go so little genuine Art Deco over here, it’s always exciting when a larger piece like this pops its head up! The top of the cabinet needs some TLC and we’d switch out the hardware potentially for something a little more substantial, but this is a fabulous piece to add into a living/dining mix or as a glassware/curio cabinet.

Definitely bling. Definitely fabulous mixed in with some marble surfaces, blush coloured paint and lucite. Also would go well with the palm leaf textile trend that’s so hot right now. Check out for some Toronto-based, online orderable accessories that will go amazingly with this lamp.

We would be tempted to repaint the arms and legs white, but again, rose/blush pink is making a come back (in small, well thought out doses) and these could definitely work in a secondary seating area or on a back patio. If the seats are vinyl (they kind of look it from the photos), however, don’t leave them out in direct sunlight or they could crack. We know from personal, irresponsible experience.


The same owner has three of these on offer in varying states of wear, priced accordingly. A reliable design staple in any setting, you literally cannot go wrong with Marcel Breuer cane chairs. If these actually are the real deal, these are a STEAL.

Happy weekending, everyone!






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