Stuff We Love: Those Patio Lanterns

Before you start reading this, you need to turn this on so you can listen and read at the same time. This post 100% requires listening to Patio Lanterns by Kim Mitchell. Here.

Then take a look at these here patio lanterns because.. well.. patio.

Definitely loving the style and colour combo on these candle holding beauties because we are all about the melon, white and mint. Plus CB2 is having a sale on their outdoor furniture until the 14th so these are a little bit more reasonably priced. You cant go wrong with a set like this that will make the neighbours jealous in the summer and can easily be moved inside for alternative holiday/winter decor in the colder months! So you’re basically getting 2 for the price of one… or 6 for the price of… three?

These also come in red and black, depending on the style of your backyard…. For some reason, probably largely because they can, outdoor string lights tend to be on the more expensive side per string, but they are a decor investment that will hopefully last and be able to be left outside even when everything else has to come in when it rains, so… Nothing beats the look of old fashioned string lights on a deck or patio: that’s where they get you!

If you’re feeling something a little more old timey then these are an affordable and energy efficient option which will go nicely with some substantial outdoor wood furniture, a wicker seating area, or maybe on the branches of an overhanging tree.

For the original old skool look, this is the best price we can find, and the criss cross coverage you will get on a standard 10 sq ft deck will be more than suitable for this 48 ft string. So instead of getting 4 10 ft strings at $20 a pop, you have it all in one. Which will bring back fond memories of digging through the glass Christmas lights with your parents and hating life. You’re welcome.




If not messing with tea lights is more your jam, Rona has these  stylish battery operated lanterns that will dress up a dinner table or look lovely interspersed among your award winning rose bushes. Those are a thing, right?

And of course no patio lantern post would be complete without a stylish and affordable option from Ikea because the Swedish really know how to do candle displays well. Another great option for your indoor/outdoor candle decor solution. This style also looks really nice inside in a non functioning brick fireplace during the holidays.

And finally, the original, affordable patio lantern staple is offered this year in a punchy selection of summer colours and at $4.99ea, you can afford to to get one in every colour!

Those patio lanterns…




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