Rooms We Love: A Victorian Bathroom Revamp Part Deux!

As promised, there’s plenty more where @freshbrick ‘s beautiful bathroom refresh came from: they did upstairs too! This time they elected to go bright with a white colour scheme, which makes the child grime easier to spot/eradicate. Plus if stuff gets broken, white is easiest to replace. Win win!

Vintage Chandelier from a 19th Century Pharmacy in Guelph

Vintage Chandelier: $300 find on Kijiji! 

For those of you who follow this blog religiously (I know, hard to believe there’s anything ELSE on the internet worth reading sometimes, except for cute puppy videos, obvs) you would have already seen the above faboosh that is the 1840’s chandelier that was rescued from an old pharmacy in Guelph. Would that we all had bathrooms that had enough room for a chandelier. Le sigh.

Rub a dub in the tub!

A rub a dub dub, my parents got a stylin’ tub 

The subway tile is the same that was used in the downstairs bath and can be found at pretty much any home renovation store, like Home Depot, for approx $3-$4/sq ft. The owners also decided to keep the bath fixture look consistent…

Shower Fixture

Chrome Cheviot Shower Fixture $457 from  

Two (Cheviot shower) heads are better than one… am I right? It’s also nice when you find a signature design style that appeals, to then discover it exists in more than one colour, and buy all the colours. There are still 2 finishes of this shower fixture left, so we are looking very forward to seeing what the garage shower and kitchen island shower look like!

Bathroom console

This sink console is another envy inducing Kijiji find!! 

One thing is for sure, if you want to shop Kijiji, you want @freshbrick on your shopping team. They scored this console, the sink fixture AND the counter for $300! It’s almost not fair, except that it’s drool worthy deals like these that keep style scavengers like us going back to sites like Kijiji week after week. They have to throw us a bone every once in a while. Like with bigfoot sightings. What would reality TV dreck do without them?

Console pic 2

Nope, still jealous from this angle 

The hand towels are a delight: we love the on trend floral print with bright colours. Too bad they’re from Target. Like the Target we used to have here. We also have Target towels which are super cool, and yet , when looking at them, one can’t help but feel slightly resentful reflecting upon its fleeting relationship with Canadians. Long story short: cool towels, you can’t have them… as easily as you once could.

Target shower curtain

Floral print x 2: Shower curtain stylin and profolin 

Oh, and the shower curtain… Awesome right? That’s Target too. Gets you right in the bitter button, doesn’t it?

Full body shot

Over Vanity Light Fixture $139 from 

The whole package just gets better and better, from the original ventilation grate to the floor tile… because oh yeah, they got some kick ass floor tile up here too.

Tile to die for

Arabesque tile $17/sq ft from Eden’s Tile-It 

Yes, this tile shape has a name.. It took some time to find it, but this shape is most commonly referred to as Arabesque. And it is GORGEOUS. This was another inspired splurge, and similar to the floor downstairs, the small square footage of the room makes the price tag a little more palatable. So if you do want to have something for your friends to be jealous of in your bathroom remodel, and an $800 faucet isn’t your idea of money well spent… May we interest you in a floor?

Special thanks to @freshbrick for sharing their beautiful home with us. Check out their blog at 



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