Fathers Day Edition: June 21st’s Craigslist Finds!

The Craigslist app on my phone has been bullying me daily letting me know EVERYONE is posting new things on Craigslist. So allow me to pass the savings and last minute gift solution (in case you forgot, derp) for Father’s Day on to YOU!

Dude. It’s $40. It’s teak. You’re not gonna find a find like this that will last very long. Some love and sanding and refinishing and boom, worth at least $500. Or you could keep it and brag to your friends about the amazing deal you got and that it’s too bad they’re not handy and can’t do things like ‘sand’ and apply wood stain.

A little more expensive than the table, but needs decidedly less work, and still a good deal. Combine this with the $40 table and you’re still saving money overall, so you should probably get both cause you know… they match.

If you were looking at getting one of these anyway, why not buy this one? Keep it red or spray paint it! This is an Ikea style staple that still regularly gets featured in style magazines and it’s normally $129. You’re still WAAAY ahead of the game at this point with ALL THE STYLISH SAVINGS!

It’s $25! Get super expensive fabric and recover that little back rest part and you’re still laughing. Or keep it the way it is for your industrial modern home office! I’m not your mom, don’t pretend to listen to me (but buy the chair first)!

This chair regularly retails for $120, so if you need an occasional chair for the bedroom for your clothes pile, or something light and bright for an awkward hallway corner: buy this!

Or, if you want to pack more of a colourful punch with your chair purchase and like being able to whirl around 360 degrees really slowly with your cat in your arms while sentencing people to die in tanks of sharks, this is the chair for you! Retails for $129, so even if you get this recovered, you still paid less than 50% of retail. And the chair is a lasting modern staple that will last you from evil lair to evil lair!

These would be great with a chunky wood dining table or as chairs in an industrial looking waiting room/office? Sturdy and stylish, keeping them as is with the pink seats won’t be for everyone, but it’s a pretty good attempt at putting some pink in to your decor palette without going too nuts with the magenta paint or an ugly ‘Live Laugh Love’ throw pillow. Hint: decorating with inspirational quotes means you’ve given up on style. Don’t do it.

Happy Father’s Day-ing!



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