Happy Canada Day Edition of Stuff We Love: Or should we say…Fan?? And you can too!

So far we have only had to turn the A/C on during the day three times this summer, and all we’ve needed at night this year has been open windows and a ceiling fan. Fans are important not only because they keep the air moving and disperse smells, but also because they are a more cost efficient way to keep your home cool than turning on a big A/C unit, and they look ‘cool’. Apologies in advance for the puns that will ensue in this post, it’s unavoidable when writing about the product style of something that can be so…’fan’-tastically versatile?

This is, hands down, the most stylish fan we can find that ships to Canada and is under $100. For some reason, and this may be a big part of the reason you don’t own one, but know you should get one, most of the affordable ceiling fan options that there are out there are ugly. If you want simple lines, a modern design or a ceiling fan with a light that doesn’t look like a tulip, you are generally going to have to spend more than $500. If you want something that will make people stop and go, ‘Huh, nice fan, man,’ Big Ass Fans is our favourite place for aspirational fannage.

See? Clean, modern, unobtrusive, envy inducing? $1,000 bones please. Meanwhile, back at the affordable, decidedly less expensive ranch…

If you’d prefer to leave the lighting to other corners of your house and focus on ‘Just the fans, ma’m,’ (Get it? Dragnet?) this modern number is sure to be a ‘fan favourite’. But again, there’s that $500 price tag… So for something more in the middle of the $100-$500 range…

This is a great option. Has a cool industrial vibe, not too expensive and is a flush mount instead of the more common pendant style fan. A perfect fit for a room that needs air circulation but doesn’t have a lot of extra head space for a ceiling fan to occupy. But of course, ceiling fans aren’t necessarily everyone’s jam, so let us not forget the more traditional and portable fans of the desk and floor persuasion.

Table fans are definitely where you’re going to get the biggest bang for your retro fan buck as there are so many different style and fun colours to choose from, and most tend to be well under the $150 price point. Why buy one ‘cool’ fan when you can buy three??? Even cooler!!

This one from Sunbeam is totes adorbs and comes in like 7 different colours. So each person in your fam, or each room, can have a different one! We want the blue, pink and orange versions, if anyone’s asking….

ALLAIRE TELESCOPING FLOOR FAN $239 – $289 USD from RestorationHardware.com 

Love a retro style floor fan. These from Restoration Hardware are obviously right on the money in terms of style, because making you drool over modern technology versions of retro style furniture and decor is what RH does best. But they are a *little* on the expensive side, so if you want a vintage look but not the ‘vintage’ cost…

Get this one! You could even take this retro styled fan and paint it a different colour if you were so inclined. The only drawback with this one is that you will actually have to ‘get up’ and ‘go’ to the store to buy this instead of order it online (if you want to be patriotic and get it from Canadian Tire at any rate). But that’s all part of the retro experience really, so… Get off your ass on this beautiful Canada Day and go do something! (read and share this post FIRST of course, but then go make activity!)

Happy Canada Day 2015!



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