Craigslist Finds: July 11 Comin’ Atchya!

We swear we don’t know what we are going to do to fill this addiction when the attic and garage cleaning slows down in the winter months, but until then: our drug of choice: A Craigslist bargain for you!

Apparently the repro version of these Spanner chairs are being sold for close to $900 ea (according to this trustworthy ad) so basically you’re a certified genius if you buy these and fix em up a bit. We like the orange, but these could easily be a blue, perhaps a white, or maybe 4 different colours? A cornucopia of inclusion at your dining room table?

Or perhaps something a little more MCM? We’d reupholster the seats, but the neutral colour will likely match easily with most palettes if you have a to wait a bit, or are fine with they beigey-grey (not judging). You’re not going to find a deal like this in Toronto though FYI, so hope you feel like a jaunt to Milton!

Decidedly less of a jaunt to get these, only North York instead of Milton, you can’t really go wrong with a Panton style chair. We can’t tell if there’s any yellowing that taken hold, because that is sometimes a problem with white versions of this chair depending on what they’re made out of, but for $60 ($120 for the pair)? Put a throw pillow on that shizz and laugh at your neighbours who don’t know who Verner Panton is. (put the Wikipedia link in there in case you wanted to check, because obvs you already knew, you just needed a little refresher)

There is no additional info on these chairs, so they are a bit of a mystery, but whether it’s $30 for 2 or $30 ea, they’re a steal. Reupholstering these will be a bit more of a production than the earlier chairs, but if done right, they could last you for many a stylish year. Plus you get the satisfaction of people asking with envy ‘You paid how much?’

Ooooh! this thing looks fabulous. Even if you just buy the dresser, or is this maybe the armoire, we can’t tell! The pictures for this posting aren’t great, and the metal detail seems to be brass on some and black on others (who paints this stuff, honestly), but we got the feelings of a real find here. And it’s just in Pickering, so a Milton equivalent drive for some, but you get to see a DIFFERENT part of the highway. SO. EXCITING.

All these need are some new knobs/hardware and you’ve got some stylish sides. If you were feeling adventurous you could even try sanding and restaining but they look to be in pretty decent condition the way they are.  Love that frame detailing, and have no idea what design genre to call these out as, but really? Who cares? They’re cool.

We wouldn’t necessarily use the word ‘adorable’ to describe a cabinet (unless it was like, an elf cabinet, but we sure do like the wood grain on this MCM piece. Again, we would probably just change the hardware, but the rest would be super cool for displaying displaying figurines/action figures/your Munny/Dunny collection, or perhaps something for your booze and booze vessels?

Holy Motherlode of a Find, Batman. Even if you have reupholster this thing, if you have the space for this gorgeous steal of a deal piece: BUY IT. It has a built in side table and corner console table, looks sturdy as f%*k and is simply a beautiful piece of furniture. We are actually annoyed that we have enough couches, because this thing is a diamond. Love love love.

How can we even put anything else after that sofa? It’s the cherry on our vintage sundae for sure. Now to figure out who we can talk into buying it…..



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