Art Attack: Art For Kids Rooms That’s Not Lame

If there’s nothing else that we are able to keep from our childhood bedrooms, it should be a favourite picture from the wall. Furniture shrinks, colour palates fade  and Star Wars sheets are.. still cool. And available in updated versions at your local Pottery Barn (this is not a joke).  But how to pick something cool that’ll last… How to subconsciously influence your children to be cool according to the things you think are cool…. Please, allow BFD.

We Live In Brooklyn Baby Mood Board

This is a board we put together for a friend who’d requested some suggestions with a Brooklyn theme. But how to do Brooklyn in a cool way that has no teddy bears, moustaches or fixed gear bikes…

1. What about  map? Check out Ork Posters for city/neighbourhood maps from London to San Francisco. Toronto and Vancouver are there too, in case you want to keep it closer to home, btw. These are also great gifts for friends who live in castles very far away and want to have a little reminder of home for their mini dragon slayer.

2. For a social statement with colour, maybe consider some topical or city specific graffiti instead, like the Basquiat/Warhol piece above from . The concept of graffiti may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, depending on their child’s access to sharpies and chocolate pudding, so make sure everyone’s ok with having the graffiti convo with their kids (and why the living room wall is not the same thing) if it ever comes up.

3. If an illustrated art print is more your style, then aside from Etsy, which is an obvs go to, check out The 60’s style cityscape is sure to fit  a boy or girls room, or could even be stolen by the adults if the moment presents itself…. Plus it’s $35, so duh. Buy it and put that Winnie the Pooh print back down, please.

4. Lastly, is your best bet for affordable art prints and print it yourself pieces for when you can’t be bothered to be an adult and be patient. The only thing with Etsy, and this is why you come to us to help you, is that search functionality on the site is not the best, and if you wanna do research on your phone, it’s even less… good. So be prepared to go through pages and pages of options before you find your diamond in the rough.

Both photographs on this board come from Vladislav Borimsky, and are available starting at $32 per print. Custom sizes are also available if you don’t like what’s on offer (and that can be said for most Etsy stores, so don’t ever be afraid to ask if you don;t see what you want right away).

Another graffiti inspired option is the What’s Up Cupcake photo by Aperture Agog starting at $45.79 for an 8×10″ print.

The other illustrative cityscape featured is a 12″x18″ print from AGL City Living for $19.62. I know the pricing seems ridiculously specific, but that what an exchange rate does. I just copy and paste.

Finally, and in case you didn’t notice it actually IS a map of Brooklyn, is the downloadable (so you’ll need to find a decent printer cause you can’t print this off at home) Brooklyn gold foil plus bouquet number in the centre from Blue Pear Designs for $6.54 CAD. Yes seriously.

And in case the above doesn’t send you down an inspirational path of cross generational art discovery, here are a couple of other options you may want to consider… This all relates back to that making your kid cool the way you think is cool thing. Instead of fluffy bunnies (no offense bunnies) why not consider some of your favourite movies as inspiration instead?

If you don’t know the scene the above print is inspired by, maybe this one will help you instead…

Princess Bride “Inigo Montoya” Print from for $19.62 CAD

Or perhaps you would prefer something a little more sports influenced like this Wimbledon inspired print that we featured in Melissa and Steve’s Baby Bedroom Revamp.

Wimbledon Print by Rebecca Kaye starting at $16 CAD from

Or what about gifting the new niece with something a little more pop culture that can ALSO act as a guide for ALL the uncomfortable conversations your sister is going to have to have at some point with the new offspring. She’ll LOVE IT.

Extra points if you can sing all the Zit Remedy music video verses.  And to round off what we are sure will be a part one to many art suggestion lists to come… A listicle/diagram/infographic for the ages, and one that was personally given to friends of ours 3 years ago and now hangs proudly in their hip hoppin daughter’s room:


You can also get the above from Etsy, but we got ours at Telegramme on Ossington in Toronto because #shoplocal #wehadnochoicebuttogoacrossthecitycausetheleslievilleoneisclosed.





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