Stuff We Love: Living La Vida Lucite

Lucite has been making a small comeback as of late in some surprisingly affordable ways. CB2 has a handful of pieces right now and we couldn’t help but pick up just a few of them for the bathroom…

Maybe a chair for your table…?

Or maybe something a little more mid century? Because we love mid century. Obvs.

Ok here’s one more from CB2 because they have a really crazy lucite selection right now that is affordable and drool worthy.

Like seriously we love this thing. Books, magazine piles, records, drinking accoutrements and more! Plus it rolls. Now, there is also a lot of smaller pieces you can get to decorate the desk, or keep things organized in the bathroom,  but let’s be honest, lucite can be bloody expensive,  but it’s expensive because it’s fabulous. Let’s briefly indulge in some fabulous fantasy, with the good stuff.

This is the desk you use to write million dollar cheques from a large check book.

Oh the nights you spent laughing and laughing with the count and countess under this chandelier in your tastefully appointed villa in France! What fun!

Only clear liquid drinks can be placed on these tables because you have fabulous tables like this and can make whatever proclamations you want because look at these tables.

This chair is for having tea in the solarium  of my New York townhouse.

These are for my 2,000 sq ft closet.

Can you imagine how much it would cost to move and ship this? And then all the fancy people you’d have to hire to put it together? This better come with a magical bed gnome for maintenance (that also does a bit of light housework would be nice too).



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