Craigslist Finds: August Long Weekend Deals!

The heavens have opened up this weekend, the amount of good stuff on Craigslist is ridiculous. Another weekend passes that we bemoan the size of our house and the lack of rooms we have left to decorate. So please, in the name of all things stylish, take advantage and get a deal.

Dude. $30. It holds magazines and is retro awesome. Why are you still reading this? CLICK AND BUY NOW!!!!

Or perhaps you prefer something in a record rack? Could also easily be painted a different colour, like a yellow or magenta, so it’s primed whether you want to keep is as is or take it to psychedelic colour land.

This is the real deal for a steal.. all it needs is some elbow grease. Looking for a project you can show off to your friends that is a) impressive as you can speak to your expertise in Danish Modern design and b) will be worth way more once you fix it up? You’re welcome. We won’t tell.

Get this to go with the table, or the other table, or all the tables. It’s $30. Like this is crazy town all these deals. We need a wild arm waving inflatable tube man!

This is from the same peeps as the orange chair. See if you can get both for $75! It’s madness we tell you!

So we’ve basically kitted out the living room now, circa 1975. the blue and orange may actually work if you do a colour blocking kid of thing, or reupholster the lot. It’ll still be cheaper and more impressive than a new couch from Ikea. (not knocking Ikea, just saying)

We will be shocked if this is still around by the end of the day. We only have Tom Dixon ‘inspired’ lighting at ours… Be a snob and get the real thing and pretend you paid full price when you laugh at all the wannabes fronting the repro version! Or be gracious and admit to the deal, either or, IT’S EFFING TOM DIXON FOR $150.

Keith thinks you should try to go in at $75 and see what happens. This would be faboosh in a living room as a left turn if you’re going black and white modern style, or eclectic non-directional but it all still looks cool.

Nesting? Why not drive it home with these ‘works in literally any room’ nesting tables? Because teak, MCM and $85!?!? It’s crazy! It’s madness!

Get on it people! And check back on Monday because this is going to be another clearing out the attic/garage weekend and we’re sure this is just the beginning!

Happy long weekend!




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