Stuff We Love: The Ikea Catalogue Is Here!!!

Say what we like about Ikea, their timeless, affordable and sustainable style keeps you coming back, despite swearing this is the duvet cover, the last throw pillow. The last blanket. The last chair. The last pack of tealights. But just when I thought I was out…! Look at all this awesome stuff!!!

RIGGAD Work lamp with wireless charging $69.99

Put your phone on it. It charges. That’s literally it. Some phones require an additional case, which kind of defeats the purpose/convenience of the whole concept, but still. Where can you get Scandinavian cool like this with tech built in for $70? Exactly.

VARV Floor lamp w/pad/wireless charging $129.00 \

Love this one too both for the lamp and the built in table. Kind of reminds us of this chandelier we will definitely not be adding to the collection in the foreseeable unless #lottery or #realityshow (we’re not picky, honestly).

Zeppelin S1 Designed by Marcel Wanders for Flos $3,995 USD from 


LISABO Desk, ash veneer $149.00

How Scandi cool is this? It would also work nicely in a hallway as a console table or maybe even a second work surface in a kitchen. Love it!

VALJE Shelving unit, white, gray $520.00

We could easily see the Valje series becoming the new Expedit. Multiple combinations on the wall and the floor, this looks like the next frontier of affordable minimalist chic. We may need to get a few of the wall shelves just to check….

TUVBRÄCKA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), green, white starting at $24.99

And oh the textiles! So much colour! So much choice! So much not wanting to choose!!!

FLICKÖGA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), white, multicolor $39.99

This looks like it’s only available for kids. Which is total bullsh*t.

RÖDVED Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), white, green $16.99

How could you NOT? It’s $17!!!

BOSNÄS Footstool with storage, Ransta yellow $24.99

FINALLY they made a top to the footstool and added storage. This isn’t brand new to the 2016 catalogue, bit can we just rejoice a bit that this space is getting used?

SYSSAN Curtains, 1 pair, white/green $89.99

And lastly, they have finally added some new textile patterns to the curtain range! It seems like it’s been ages since there’s been a new design that hasn’t just been a plain block colour. Curtains are kind of boring enough as it is.. no? Make pretty pictures! And enjoy!



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