Another BFD Project: We Made a Bar! For A Food & Wine Show!

Our friends at Just Soda had space reserved at the Food & Wine Show at the Evergreen Brick Works a few weeks ago… But seeing as this soda brand is a brand new venture for John McEachern, budget to create a badass display was a little… limited. so we needed to get creative, and creative we were.

The insight: Just Soda is exactly that: just about the soda. There was no way that John’s booth was going to be able to be decorated with thousands of dollars worth of custom gear, so why try to make it look like something it’s not? Their booth was not going to be like everyone else’s, so we decided to OWN IT. Plywood and pine custom built bar with pop bottle-sized shelving, metal piping and exposed Plumen lightbulb pendants? Check. Better than everyone else’s over priced, same old style display booths? Double check. Have you seen the gorgeous things they can make with plywood?



Exactly. So I drew a bar thingie and next thing I know, Keith’s actually putting it together with inches and feet and dimensions to fit the 10×10′ space. Took him less than a week. And look at how awesome it is! (not to mention heavy, the thing was an absolute beast to move… so I was told) And now it’s time for a bar building montage! (play this song while enjoying said montage):


Not bad for $500, eh? And as they keep on using it, the wood will only look better with age. Keep an eye out for Just Soda (our fave flavour is Vanilla Pear… but the Peach Habanero? If you can take the spice, it’s pretty ridiculous) at your local grocers.

Just Soda'in Around!

Always fade out in a montage….



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