Stuff We Love: What a 5 Million Dollar Thanksgiving Looks Like

Why be thankful if your table doesn’t cost at least $30,000 right? Ok maybe all of this stuff doesn’t cost $5 million, but it sure as hell is fancier than any of the non Architectural Digest ready Turkey days most of us are having this year… Not to say that less isn’t more. (it totally is, and yes, I know BFD is all about affordability like 99% of the time). But where’s the self indulgent fun in that? Plus we haven’t been on 1st Dibs in a while so… Dream Thanksgiving it is! (plus a few little affordable things for the proles… like us)

Have you got a bunch of money to spend kitting out your dining room for Thanksgiving? Neither does bfd!

Have you got a bunch of money to spend kitting out your dining room for Thanksgiving? Neither does bfd, but fantasize along with us anyway!!

  1. Swedish Rya Rug OFFERED BY JP WILLBORG; $1,600 USD This is actually not THAT bad in terms of price… You can buy brand new carpets for 10 times this from eEte.. But it’s hard these days finding a yellow rug that isn’t chevron #ew

  2. Gold Sciolari Chandelier OFFERED BY LES TROIS GARCONS INTERIORS; $3,829.14 USD … Plus whatever it takes to get this this North American rewired and ready for dinner in the next 2 hours because this is European, but you have people to do that, right?

  3.  Milo Baughman Thayer Coggin Chrome and Upholstered Dining Chairs OFFERED BY RED MODERN FURNITURE; $5,700 USD For when drunk uncle starts spraying gravy everywhere while explaining what’s wrong with society today and why the economy is in the sh*tter.
  4. Carlo di Carli Dining Table OFFERED BY PASCAL BOYER GALLERY; $35,000 USD I know what you’re thinking… That’s it?!? I know! Like that’s fine for the kids table but where is the golden version for the adults? It’s on backorder… We checked. This will just have to do in the interim. we are so very embarrassed.

  5. Pair of Vicke Lindstrand “Zebra” Vases, Sweden, 1954 OFFERED BY MADERO COLLECTORS ROOM; $1,066.56 USD. Add a few yellow orchids in there and you’re minimalist chic AND seasonal! Faboosh!

  6. LINEN NAPKINS MADE FROM MARIMEKKO FABRIC, Unikko marsala orange from;  $9.30 CAD ea This is where this fantasy room starts getting ‘accessible’, like Festivus. Except with napkins… for the rest of  us.
  7. Porcelain plate with Gold- Pastel White from; starting at $24.35 CAD These are also quite affordable, but they are made in Australia… so the private jet to ship them over in time is an absolute must. Also, they’ll need to stop by Helsinki on the way back for the napkins.
  8. Keytlery 24 Piece Stainless Electroplated Flatware Set by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti from; $336 USD. It’s not just CUTLERY but KEYTLERY. GET IT?!?!?!

  9. Mini Pumpkin Succulent Centerpiece Craft from These are actually really adorable, and easy to make quickly and inexpensively. Whether it’s you and the kids or your maid and the kids who make these is entirely up to you. Succulents are good because they are harder to kill/break. Plus #gourds

Wishing you all a very happy Turkey/Tofurkey/Pumpkin/Stuff Yourself Silly Weekend!

bfd (& Leelu and Buster)


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