Craigslist Finds: Weekend of October 18th

There’s some good stuff still left hanging around after the Thanksgiving long weekend. And I’m not talking about pie. Because there’s no way pie would last that long in this house.

Modern Bar stools – $150

Clean and versatile, they are obvs repro, but not bad for 2 stools that you’ll be able to mix into any kitchen style.

Vintage Steel Filing Cabinet / Cart – $58

Like the beat up vintage vibe of this table: you could use as a console in a bathroom or spray paint it orange and make it a side table in the living room. And who cares if people spill stuff on it or it gets knicked, it’s $58!

Tulip table & 4 chairs – $450

Love a tulip chair, me! A cute little set for a breakfast corner and the monochrome colours are very Scandinavian in right now. The table demands a bunch of hot pink flowers. Maybe a cool design with some gold washi tape.

Vintage Mid-Century Birkdale Valet Chair – $40

No denying this is a cool looking chair, which will make you cool. Because your bedroom needs a clothes chair. Or your clothes chair needs a friend.


These would be awesome Kelly green in a kitchen or bright yellow at a retro teak bar. Oooh or you could do them a dust rose with some faux fur mini throws on them surrounded by mirrors. Yes, many dreams for these stools.

Mid Century Chrome Atomic Sputnik Table Lamps – $300

Think of the selfie opportunities alone with the fabulous spaceballs. Spaceballs!

Cool and unique vintage teak coffee table with drawer $149 ono

A bit scuffed but it’s got storage drawers that come out of the side, so you can hide remotes, magazines, candy or nail polish. Or candy AND nail polish.



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