Shops We Love: Green Light District on Roncesvalles

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting this gorgeous shop, or of shooting the breeze with its equally fabulous owners, Deborah and David Peet, then you’ve been missing out. Green Light District is actually the second shop that the couple has run, their first being near Byward Market in Ottawa. But eventually they decided to try something new, rent an apartment in Toronto, and open a shop grounded in affordable design sourced from unique designers around the world in one of the city’s most stylish (but up coming) neighbourhoods.

D&D at Green Light District

Arty in Situ Shot: The shop owners working away!

We didn’t even know where to start when we arrived there was so much goos stuff. Which as you know is painful and delightful for a couple like us with literally no room left for any more furniture and a decor habit.

With an eye for individuality and sustainable style, the couple travels around the world, from South America to South Africa, sourcing their pieces from individual craftspeople, but they also make sure to include Canadian designers in their offering as supporting local designers is equally important to their retail vision. We were super all about their mid-century inspired candlesticks they had peppered around the store, which are available in 14″, 16″ and 18″ heights and start at a very reasonable $60.

Obviously customers vary from those looking to buy and accessory as a compliment to their own decor or a gift to people looking to commit to some investment pieces. Two groups of people  the owners are seeing a lot of are: boomers who are downsizing/looking to replace their ‘trashed by the kids’ furniture with something new and sleek and younger couples wanting to invest in their first piece of ‘real’ furniture that isn’t mass produced and flat packed. A lot of the time customers are surprised at how much Green Light District has in stock that costs exactly as much as similar versions found in chain stores…*cough* BFD is equally guilty of the chain store shop (hey, we love the online find, no judging), but we were super excited when we realized that even some of the store’s more substantial pieces were SO reasonably priced. LOOK AT THIS DESK.

There is a good selection of price points for all types of shoppers, so even if you’re looking for something cool that won’t break the bank as an accent in the living room or as a gift (for a very lucky person), Green Light District has pillows, throws and ceramics like the selection below that are certain to impress. And oh yeah, they’re like hand made and unique so you won’t really be able to find another one like it. Unlike that ‘Live Laugh Love’ wood sculpture that Aunt Martha got you. Lucky, lucky.

Their leather pieces were certainly some of our most drool worthy faves. I mean seriously look at this bench. Like, shut up, bench. You’re showing off.

And finally, don’t even get us started on the selection of chairs. We were so close to taking one home with us, but I was talked out of it at the key budgetary moment by my less impulsive better half… who also would have had to load/unload it and find a place for it in the house… Which I begrudgingly admit we don’t have.

And there was so much more chair porn to behold, we couldn’t even.  Look at all of these!

Next time you’re in the west end of Toronto, or even if you’re not remotely, make Green Light District a part of your decor trip. The owners could not be nicer, the furniture more gorgeous and the local support more worthy. Thanks for spending the afternoon with us guys! We will see you soon!



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