Sites We Love: The Good Find

We came across this site through a friend’s ‘like’ on Facebook, and it wasn’t hard to continue down the rabbit hole once we got there. FABULOUS!

The Good Find Homepage

Described as “An online Pop-Up shop for used, vintage, and reclaimed furniture within Toronto. From October 27th – November 19th browse our selection of pieces from local Toronto stores and fellow design lovers.” Considering our Craigslist Addiction we immediately got right in there and were super pleased to find all sorts of locally available (aka Toronto), reasonably priced stuff we love and have no room for.  Which is why we are posting about it in stead so that people can buy it all and we can live vicariously through other people’s acquiring of beautiful things. Because #commodificationofculture and #shoppingaddiction .

A few of our faves? Don’t mind if we do!

We spoke with Kate, the creator of the online pop up shop, to find out what her reasoning was for opening, and she told us, “In terms of the concept, it stemmed from having moved a lot from Montreal to New York to Paris, and then Toronto. Each time I moved I found it was a pain to furnish my apt and sell everything.

“There is Craigslist or Kijiji, but it can be so cumbersome to find what you’re looking for, and the images aren’t great. I wanted to create a site where finding used and vintage furniture was an enjoyable experience online.

“With that I created The Good Find, where you can find used and vintage pieces from local design lovers and vintage stores in the city. All of the images are curated, and we take the time to ensure the images look great to enhance the buying experience.”
Obviously we brought up Ikea, and how it is easily responsible for the decor of 75% of the Western World’s first/new apartment’s furniture, and she agreed. “Everywhere I moved there was an IKEA, but it was always in the suburbs and a trek to get to.” (TRUE, BFD verified) “Part of the reason for launching this was to encourage people to buy used furniture vs. new as this has a lower impact on the planet, and by partnering with vintage stores it’s hopefully driving traffic to local business’s pieces.”
Limited Time Only!
So IF you’re looking for a few cool things, and don’t want to spend time or money at a more traditional big box/mass produced product type of store (and please don’t take this the wrong way, Ikea. We love you too), go check out the yummy on . And quick! It’s only up till Nov 19th!!



One thought on “Sites We Love: The Good Find

  1. my holistic life says:

    Oh my goodness…so trendy! It seems like you would like my home decor line. Much of my photography is centered around nature so far.


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