Stuff We Love: Our New Ecobee3 Thermostat

… And other boring statements that your 10 year old self would look at and shake their heads in disbelief. We get it. For those who do not follow our Instagram (and why aren’t you?), we finally got around to buying and installing a new, smart thermostat, and SHARED IT WITH THE WORLD!

We’d been trying to pick between the Ecobee and the Nest for a little while now, and the reviews we had gotten from friends were resoundingly positive in the Nests’ favour… Because nobody had really heard of the Ecobee (Ecobee3 if you want to be precise). So we researched.


The Nest $249 (available everywhere, like literally)

You’ve all heard of it and it’s an awesome product. When it came out a few years ago, we were totally on that bandwagon. Regular reports on your home’s energy usage? Controlling your thermostat from your phone, which is great when you’re not at home and the temperature suddenly goes from 5 to 25 degrees in half an hour, as the weather in Toronto is wont to do? Sort it from your phone and you won’t be dying when you get home. Love it. Easy to install? Check. Easy user interface? Check. Easy to change the temperature and not have to mess around with reprogramming your entire weeks worth of settings to make it stick? Check. Canadian owned? Negative. Ability to change temp according to rooms around the house, not just the one the thermostat is located in? Negative.


The Ecobee3 $249 (available in many places, not as everywhere as Nest)

We came across this while comparing products in the actual Home Depot close to our house. Like the Nest, you get regular reports on home energy usage, email reminders about changing things/getting maintenance on your furnace, A/C unit etc (like apparently we hadn’t changed out furnace filter since Jan 2014, cough) Easy to install? Check. Easy User Interface? Check. Multiple room sensors available so you can change the temp according to how you want it in the basement, bathroom, bedroom, etc? Check (3 additional sensors can be bought for $75, and they are giving away 2 free this weekend For Black Friday if you buy now). Canadian company and technology? Check.

It took us about 20 mins to install all in. There are videos for each step of the installation process available on their YouTube channel, which made it super easy.

You can check out the series here:

The only thing that we got confused about was the labelling we had on our old(er) furnace. NOTE: if you have an old furnace system that does not have a ‘C’ wire/Com 24v wire; this is not the thermostat for you. Fancy new Wifi thermostats now require connection in to the electricity of the house to run, so if you have an older system/one that only has the traditional 3 wires (below labelled Y,G,W) installed you are either a) going to want to look into getting an updated furnace/AC combo or b) need to get an electrician in to give you the 4th wire. Newer more fancy units actually have multiple options for the heating and cooling, but it’s Saturday morning, I’ve had one coffee and we’re not getting into that. See below:



Keith likes the thermostat the most because you can easily see what temperature it is from the other side of the room at night. I like it because I can customize a whole bunch of different program settings daily, on weekends and for when we are on vacation. We both like the idea that we are supporting a Canadian company that has won multiple awards and is headquartered in Toronto. Aaaand the idea that we aren’t handing over any more of our info/money to Google than we already have (how much of a laughable statement this is, only the FBI/MI6/CSIS will know for sure). Google owns Nest, guys. Take from that what you will.

Apparently it will pay for itself with 2-3 years, so we are hoping to be living thermostat mortgage free very soon. Or at the very least, we will be able to turn the goddamn heat down when we are out of the house for the weekend


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