It’s Beginning to Look Like a BFD Christmas!

I, Eleanor, love decorating for the holidays. The lights, the decorations on the tree, the smell of the tree. Always a real tree. As much as I may have admired people who are able to decorate their house in one colour scheme, it’s totally not our style. We have collected from here and there over the years, but glitter and a sense of the absurd are 2 constants we both revel in.


Holiday White Felt Wreath: starting at $40 CAD 


Tealight candle holders in fireplace from starting at $7.50 CAD;


The white gnomes were only available from in the summer, but they have mirror disco ones for holiday


Warm white light bulbs from starting at $14.99


Sparkly letters from a few years ago… And they still sell them!!! $3 CAD each


Love me a garland! The white felt one is from and is on sale starting at $13USD. The polka dot one is from Ikea 2013… They don’t have anything close anymore.


Silver ball garland from, they don’t have the hot pink anymore but they DO have it in mint! $29.95



For the weirdest tree decorations there’s only one place to go in Toronto: Outer Layer Unicorns, bacon, cowboy boots, oh my!


Green and red Mary of Guadalupe Papel Picado banner from Ay Mujer,


Michael is mine, from Mexico. The Gene Simmons, sorry, PAUL STANLEY (I’ve been corrected) boots are Keith’s, from the Christmas Market at the Distillery a few years ago.




The pee and poo have pride of place. Every year without fail. Strangely, can’t find these anymore to give as presents.. But you can get little pee and poop in glass balls from your ‘Elf on the Shelf’ here… Which is totally gross and hilarious and gross…



Happy decorating y’all! And yes, we can help if you need us. we also do consulting for XMas shopping, because we love it. Just email us!!!!



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