Craigslist Finds: Holiday 2015!

Now is the last chance you have to get some half decent looking extra chairs and tables before the hordes of judging family members descend on your home for holiday celebrations… So why not pick up a few bits from your local attic cleaner-outer and reverse your family’s annual, decor-judging passive aggressive comments with an, ‘Oh those old stylish things? We’ve had them for the past 3 years, I can’t believe you never noticed them before, sister-in-law! You’re methods of observation are slipping! Maybe there’s an inspirational quote you could post about that on Facebook?’ *smug smile*

These old sewing machine tables are sturdy as f%&* and will probably last longer than we will. The live edge wood is also a nice non traditional touch that makes this piece able to fit in with a modern or eclectic aesthetic. Plus these tables are fabulous for stubbing your toe on in the middle of the night (guess who will win 100% of the time, you or the table?).

The presentation on this post is not the best, but add 8 Edison bulbs, or mix in a few old fashioned red/green filament bulbs in there, and you’re good to go with a light fixture that usually runs at least $200.

May need cleaning, but hello? It’s $50. Get rid of that throw pillow thingie and put something gold or fuchsia on there instead and… sorted!

Extra 4 places at the dining table? Done. These are great because they can easily be dispersed around the home afterwards and will fit with almost any decor style. They’re so cheap it won’t matter if they end up becoming your new de facto clothing chair in your bedroom, so that’s nice too.

Does anyone else see these as a great waiting in line for the bathroom seating solution? I thought so. Could also be used as the full side of seating at a dining room table (in lieu of a bench) so you can take the 4 chairs you have and redistribute.

Badass. Perfect as an accent chair in the living room or a chair in the study. Imagine how much more authoritative you’ll look when telling your kids then have lost their screen privileges for a week sitting in this? ‘But, Mom!’ No, sorry kid. Not in THIS chair.

It’s mid century modern. It’s teak. It’s $120. Nuff said.

In the product description they say this can hold up to a few hundred pounds of weight easily. So not only can the kids use this to play pirate ship, your Uncle Stan can use it to play Superman later once all the kids have passed out watching Frozen. Win win.


Mid Century Scoop/Swivel Chair by R Huber & Co $625

Imagine turning around with a scotch in your hand in THIS chair to let your cousin Stella know what you really think about her adorable screaming children that just broke three Christmas ornaments that shouldn’t have been so close to their hands because they were ‘breakable’ family heirlooms.


love bfd.


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