Another BFD Reveal: New Year, New (ish) Basement Bathroom!

When we bought our house the basement bathroom was certainly lower on the to do list when compared with our upstairs bathroom, because yuck, but because it was in relatively good shape, aside from there being no hot water from the sink tap, it stayed closer to the bottom of the list until the basement got sorted and people actually wanted to start using it. But, as is the way with #bfd and all things aesthetically unappealing, we could only take it for so long. See for yourselves:

The shower in between the toilet and the sink was a basic all white jobby with those white square tiles. You needn’t concern yourself as it stayed the same. We also kept the toilet because well, it’s just a plain white toilet. Which works (though the toilet seat is one of those older, substantial ones that is not plastic and gets really cold, which is awesome in January). And now for the destruction!

Now what to do, what to do… And how to do it with hardly any money and not having to tile anything…? Scandi-Solution: put some wood in there!

Because the space for the sink was a standard size(we could have gotten another 39″ wide sink unit from Ikea like the one we have upstairs), Keith wanted to shop on Craigslist to find something that was just right, and wanted to make the whole console from scratch instead of buying something pre-fab. We actually had the sink before any of the other construction started, and we highly recommend having that sorted before embarking on a project like this. The vanity is the focal point of the room (some argue toilet and I say no! Down with toilets!) so making sure you’ve got something there that is good to look at, as far as the sink/mirror combo is concerned, is definitely the most important thing to consider. Splash your cash on this piece if you’re going to splash anywhere. (Get it??? Cause it’s a bathroom? )

This is the fixture we chose, because we wanted to stick with the square, 45 degree angle look of the sink, and found that a lot of the single hole faucets had handles that looked a bit… droopy? Like each time you turned on the water there should have been a little ‘Wah wah wah wahhhhh’ trumpet sound that played at the same time? (so many phallic insinuations to be made, but we have light fixture to sort! Moving on…)

The white swan sink Before/After

The white swan sink Before/After

New faucet installed! Hot AND cold water! At the same time!

New faucet installed! Hot AND cold water! At the same time!

I had actually bought 2 of these from Ikea 6 months before as clamp lights (you don’t have to use the golden arm swingy thing) for basement shelves, but it turned out that the shelves were too thick to accommodate the clamp. So these 2 lamps were sitting in the basement, alone and friendless, until a magic Keith discovered them and brought them to his land of soap and magazines, giving light and love to all. (so they were basically free because stuff you bought that long ago doesn’t count)

Ta dah!

Ta dah! (dark and moody lighting, we know–low voltage lightbulbs ’cause we hate bright lights, even in bathrooms)

Instead of using the clamp extensions that could be drilled into the wall, Keith just took a few scrap pieces of wood and clamped onto those directly instead. A much more rugged look. He also installed a plug into the ceiling where an existing spotlight already was, so the two lamps didn’t have to be hardwired on either side of the vanity.

ceiling light plug

Grounded outlet *SAFETY FIRST!*


Looks pretty cool! And we can change the lights easily if we want down the road as well….

And as for that fabulous 80’s tile trim, we got tile spray paint and made it white. It does stick out compared to the white of the tile, but overall, with the grey on the walls, it’s head and shoulders better than what we had before.

New bathroom, New Year!

(note: at the top right under the painted border, that’s not paint spill, just flash splash)

And now, for the grand finale, here is the entire bathroom revamped and reborn!

Need help with your bathroom/bedroom/any room reno? BFD is for sale, and very reasonably priced! Send us your info 

  …and we will sort you out!

Happy 2016!




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