ICYMI: A New Site to Buy Canadian Art ArtFix.ca

ArtFix.ca is a new online shop that launched in December that features affordable, limited edition prints by reputable Candian artists. From the collection of Paul Conway (go here to visit his other online shop: artsandbox.com ), the pieces are an eclectic selection of medium to on the large (er) size lithographs, silkscreens, woodcuts, and more that are available to ship immediately in Canada and the US.  Toronto shipping is free for a limited time. This is the beginning of what is hoped to be a hub for reasonably priced, curated vintage and new Canadian art for your walls. Price points start at $50 CAD and go up to $2,400 CAD.

The highest price point actually belongs to a set of 12 Lithographs entitled Hung Jury by Gordon Haloran, which as you can see would be an impressive addition to a large feature wall in a living or dining room or extending down a hallway. At $200/piece, not a bad deal at all.

Paul Art-042

Yatar – Rita Letendre; Silkscreen 1979 $800

This is another favourite piece of ours. LOVE the citrus hues and the straight lines. A great fit for an entranceway or something at the top of the stairs.

Barbara Hall’s two pieces are fantastic, and a steal at $400 ea. This is the second print in stock, the other was featured in our post from earlier this week.

w - Robert Achtemichuk; Etching, 1982 $800.00

w – Robert Achtemichuk; Etching, 1982 $800.00

e - Robert Achtemichuk; Etching, 1982 $800.00

e – Robert Achtemichuk; Etching, 1982 $800.00











These two work together because they were designed to keep each other company: the two pieces side by side  = WE. Took us a few seconds before we noticed that and were like oh yeah.. makes sense. 😉

Full Discosure: BFD is involved in this project in a design and administration capacity, so just so we’re clear: we have now extended our excellent taste to art recommendations, though this by no means signifies the end of us writing about other stuff. Though we will keep you up to date with new posts featuring new stuff we are excited about.


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