Stuff We Love: Magic and Space Oddities

It was a week of unfairness and sorrow. Cancer 2, awesome, revolutionary, inspiring, scary 69 year old Englishmen… 0.  In tribute to the legend that is Bowie and the force that always will be Severus Snape (Alan Rickman), a selection of our favourite magical rock inspiration, to keep some of their sparkle… jealously with us.

Saint Bowie 16″x16″ Pillow Cover $20 USD from 

Who doesn’t need saving by Ziggy Stardust? Exactly. Nobody.

Severus Snape Prayer Candle $22.14 CAD from 

Turned appropriately to page three hundred and ninety four.

NEBULA CURTAINS $140.50 from 

Outer space indoors, whether you can see the stars or not.

How cool is this?

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.11.15 PM

Severus Snape Photographic Print 40×61 cm $37.50 from

Always an important thing to remember for a kid’s bedroom wall

Labyrinth – Movie Poster Wall Art on Canvas 22×36″ $189.99 USD from 

Big ass canvas for a kick ass movie. Dance Magic Dance.

Rebel time is anytime.

DUVET COVER/QUEEN: 88″ X 88″ $99 USD from 

Sweet dreams c/o the Hogwarts Express.

See you soon, somewhere in space.




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