Another BFD Reveal: Fireplace Revamp Party Time

Ever since we bought this house, Keith has hated the plaster on the front of the fireplace. It only took 3.5 years to get rid of it. Because all the other things had to be done first…. or it just took 3.5 years of slow burning hatred in order to explode a destructive reaction! Either way, it doesn’t look like this anymore!

Ye Olde Fireplace

And this.

Whipped cream close up

Because this:


The dust was heavenly.


And all the flat sheets (seriously? do people still use those? they get bunched up at the bottom of the bed under the duvet and just stay stuck there until you can be bothered, which is never) we got in sheet sets that did nothing… finally had a purpose! So thats nice, because #reuse #recycle #theresstilldusteverywhereanyway


Close up! Keith used a chisel, exacto knife and a towel soaked in water to wipe off the brick after most of the plaster was scraped off. It also had a smell. The smell went away, but it was definitely there. Probably a combo of ugly ass plaster, water and the future.  Anyway… This process could probably be done in a long weekend, but since it was only weekends we had, it took longer because there was also other weekend stuff to do. Like eating cheese. And watching Netflix.


Almost there… Can you stand it???


It took 2 more wipe downs with rags and water to get it sneeze proofed.

And done.



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