CraigsList Finds: Week of Feb 7

So much goodness I can’t even stand it. Like ridiculous deals this week. Sound a little bit like a used car salesman, but whatever. If people don’t buy they are MISSING out if you’re actually looking for stuff.

Make these red. In an all white room. Or with black and white floor tiles.

At this price? You can afford to reupholster them too. Gorgeous.

Imitation Bertoia Chairs – $250 for the pair!

These are a see through staple, perfect for condos with small bar spaces that need chairs, but can’t take anything heavy or upholstered.

How. Could. You. Not? Look at this set. Gorgeous on a reclaimed wood floor or an open plan living/dining.

Designer originals for a fraction of the cost: they are selling on for $250 each right now. Snap these up fast! And put a rose quartz coloured throw on one of them.

How adorable is this table. It’s like an old fashioned sewing table. Except it’s from the 50’s. And it’s a coffee table. But aside from that it’s exactly the same.

Perfect in a minimalist bedroom or living room. And it looks like you can stand on it too. So that’s useful… And it’s $75.

And then you can get this one to go on the other side because they look like they’d get along pretty well, and THIS is only $70! I know right?

OMG, reupholster these things (or leave the existing illustration style material if you like the pics). These are SUCH a steal it’s a crime that I have dining room chairs already. Less than $100 per chair. What are you still doing here reading when you should be clicking above?

8 white, stylish, goes with pretty much at least 75% of things, easy to stack chairs for less than $100? You’re welcome.





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