Stuff We Love: Valentine’s Day Dreaming

So there’s an app for your tablet called Morpholio that you can use to create mood boards using your own pictures, designs from teh web, or a combination of anything in between. Another feature that it has is a whole list of pre loaded, designer furniture, lighting, art and accessories that you can use to make a board with if you don’t even know where to start and can’t be bothered to scour the internet but still want to play with gorgeous stuff. the selection is limited, but there’s still some Herman Miller, Knoll and TOKEN stuff in there that you can fantasize about. Because your tablet life is effing fabulous. And pink and red are starting to go together again…


vday 2016 bfd mood board1. boating – sunburn fabric
Aimee Wilder

2. Goetz Sofa (seriously I can’t even)
Herman Miller

3. Baldachino Ceiling Fixture (crystal dream drool)
Niermann Weeks

4. Dry Bar (don’t drink? WHO CARES)

5. Tulip Stool (classic, and THIS tulip don’t die after 5 days)

6. analog nights throws salsa (kick ass throw cushion print also comes in wallpaper)
Aimee Wilder

7. Beaton Mirror (because you need to look at yourself while you sit amongst all your treasure)
Niermann Weeks

Whatever you do (or don’t do, cause you’re an adult) this long weekend, may it involve something that makes you love your life.



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