Craigslist Finds: Family Day Edition

Some serious long weekend hauls here, people. The chilly temps and all star crazy on the tv have kept the good people of Toronto inside and itchy for things to do, like cleaning out their attics! Enjoy the spoils and get yourself something COOL for Valentine’s Day now that the chocolates are all gone!

Beautiful wooden oval shaped coffee tables – $75 for the small, $125 for the large 

Portable and stylish, 2 coffee tables are always better than 1.

These aren’t exactly $10 each, but wow they are verified style and will afford some serious bragging rights to the lucky owner. SO GORGEOUS. SO BUY.

If you still have some valentine’s chocolate left… recline on this and stuff your face like the fabulous diva that you are. OR get some more chocolate from Shoppers… Cause it’s all 50% off today anyway!

How cool are these??? $200 for four?!?! HELLO!!!

Drool, drool. Lucite drool. This is a huge deal because lucite is always crazy expensive. Like worth at least twice this price.

Sand this down, maybe add a splash of colour, restore this piece to it’s former 80’s glory! For $25? It’s a DIY revamp dream!

It’s in St Catherine’s, and has a little bit of fixable damage… but look at this thing! It’s huge! And worth at least 3x this price!

While you’re picking up that coffee table, grab this lamp too! 2 lucite wonders in one post? It’s a dream. You’re welcome.

Happy Family Day (and happy shopping!)



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