Shops We Love: MAKERDavies Furniture

In 2013 Luke Davies (who builds under the name MAKERdavies), his wife and two kids moved from a 2 bedroom  apartment  Riverdale in Toronto to 150 year old farm house a  half-hour outside London.


When living in Toronto, one of the first things he noticed was all the  beautiful repurposed wood in boutiques along Queen Street… and in his new rural digs, this very same material was plentifully sitting around, rotting in the old abandoned barns and tobacco warehouses scattered across the countryside. He immediately began connecting with local farmers, rescuing wood and making pieces for his and his wife’s own remodel (because #custom #inexpensive #nobodytoblamebutyourselfifitgoeshorriblywrong). It wasn’t long before these unique and functional creations caught the attention of friends (and friends of friends) and MAKERdavies was born! (ta DAH!)



Man Desk: Made entirely from rough barn beams

MAKERdavies creates one of a kind tables, desks, built-in cabinets, beds, knick knacks, cutting boards and just about anything else you want to order. 



All of this sounds too interesting for words and we are sure you’re are dying to know more about Luke’s origins (we know him from doing publicity for his shows during our university theatre days together, so right off the bat you know he looks good in black lycra).  Allow us!  Davies is a 100% self taught carpenter and has been a playwright, theatre director, touring musician and a grade 8 teacher over the past 14 years. He prefers to build with exclusively rescued material, all the way down to the hardware. This helps to make things affordable, and the sticker price for custom pieces is far less than the afore mentioned Queen West boutiques because there is no middle man/woman. All wood is salvaged, prepped and rebuilt by the same person.

Old blackboard boards from a school house being reshaped into a desk

Luke can build pieces in his shop and deliver, custom installing in your home, or if you want to be DIY but need some guidance, he will happily take you out to some barns to pick out wood pieces and then come to your house to build with you.  We know this sounds like the beginning of an interior decor themed slasher movie, but he is the real deal and only uses his tools for good (furniture), not dismemberment.  


Coffee tables start at $350
Harvest/Dining Tables at $500
Benches at $200
Desk/Cabinets at $700


He is also always happy to visit your home to help discuss enhancing your inner beauty, shape your destiny and/or drink a keg of beer if you ask him to. We have seen this exact service in action before and can 100% confirm he is excellent at both beer and destiny shaping.


Happy Sunday!

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