Shops We Love: Zara Home’s Got the Spring-Zing Goods!

We have been obsessing over sheets a little lately, and with all the fresh colour out there and spring on the horizon, how could you not?!? Of course it’s nice to throw in some solid coloured sheets, but the ka-pow for us is in the duvet or quilt set. For serious.  We started with the sheets at Zara Home online (which ships to Canada, most importantly) and well… we couldn’t just stop with ONE design seeing as there are so many to choose from…

Granted, the floral-y print isn’t for everyone, and it runs the risk of looking a little too grandmotherly if it’s accessorized with too many other prints, or matched with too literally. But in an all white bedroom, or peeking out from under a solid duvet? Delicious.

Perhaps a solid colour is more your vibe… How awesome is this orange?

But seriously though, how could you not just a little bit with these flowers? Like maybe just some pillow covers?

Crisp white and blue sheets like these will brighten up even the most bummer of bedrooms. And just when you’ve bought yourself 4 new pairs of sheets… You happen upon the occasional furniture section and realize you need to make more space for some table action, stat!

Oh hello lucite table. I love you.  We were just leaving but well… you can come live with us too.

Oh ok, you too, coffee table. You barely take up any space anyway! Perfect for a smaller space that needs to maximize every available, this barely there gem is totally on trend and classic at the same time. Don’t let the price fool you into thinking this isn’t a keeper!


And just one throw cushion… For good measure. Keeps the rest of the goods company.

Happy Shopping!!



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