Places We Love: El Blok, Vieques

In case you haven’t guessed we are jerks on holiday this week, and although Vieques, PR is exactly the kind of place you want to come to get away from it all, and by that we mean chain restaurants, stores, people and overdevelopment, that not to say there aren’t just as many elements of gorgeous to be had. Its just that it’s Vieques-style.


Vieques Style, at ‘Blue Beach’

Which is a really annoying thing ‘you won’t get until you get it’ (flights from Toronto to San Juan are regularly on sale, we got ours at Xmas for $550 ea all in, plus the puddle jumper you’ll need to take from the mainland to the island via So smuggity smug smug… look at this gorgeous hotel.

We realize there’s those stupid arrows on either side of the photo, but the new format for posting has really crappy photo editing capabilities and we’re losing valuable sun time so… There it is. Those arrows go nowhere. Sorry. Anyway… We had the opportunity to check this place out after a few drinks earlier this week and the staff could NOT have been nicer. Prices for rooms run from $200 USD to $500 USD depending on the season/room, so this boutique hotel is definitely what it says on the box. But if you prefer something a little more wallet friendly, check out dinner or drinks on their rooftop patio at sunset…


The rooftop patio at El Blok

Make sure you have a drink with lots of stuff in it. Cause that’s super important and gives you the most street cred/makes you not look like a tourist at all but at this point who really give a sh&t cause by 6pm you are well on your way already… đŸ˜‰


That view… Sucks right? It’s cool, you don’t need to come here… (from

Our visit took place at night, which is why the daytime photos needed to be used form their site because well, nighttime views of a rooftop patio with very little lighting look like crap. Great for moody tile photos and editorial snippets, but not so good for actually showing you what the place looks like IRL. And we’re all about the art #obvs.

Oh and the bathrooms, just as minimalistically concrete/stylish, with totally different but a just as kick ass tile floors. El bano! We knew that one… (apologies, our Canadian French knowledge is used wherever possible)

The place is a modern tribute to the possibilities of concrete, which in any other setting may very well look drab, utilitarian, or unfinished, but context is what El Blok is all about and it uses this most important foundational material to it’s architectural limit with simply stunning results. Get thee to Vieques, but not too quickly. We still like the fact this island has one stoplight, wild horses and cars that look like this (the ONLY Hummer that’s cool to drive in our opinion unless yours is covered in intelligent beer advertising and has a pool in the back of it).


This car is cooler than your car. DEAL WITH IT. 




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