Craigslist Finds: Easter 2016 Edition

There’s nothing we love more than a nice long weekend for people to get off their asses and post that stuff that’s been collecting dust in their attic, basement, wherever on Craigslist so we can virtually redecorate our house for the millionth time and be that bad kid in high school that used to encourage you to pull the fire alarm to get out of that French test… But like for tables and chairs. And no phone calls home to parents (well, we CAN do that, but that’s a whole other service). It’s a mid century modern frenzy on the interwebs today people, GET ON IT!

Mid Century Drawers{ DELIVERY Avail} – $100 

DUDE. $100? Are you serious? Change that hardware and impress the hipsters on your street (or don’t, because you were cool before being cool was cool) This is like AbFab carpet madness. (pop culture reference here: )

You’d spend more than this on something way less impressive. At Ikea. So don’t, and buy this instead.

Mid Century ‘Floating Top’ Desk {Can DELIVER] – $250 

This desk is formidable and gorgeous and dying to be in your all white, Scandinavian inspired study. It told me.

This coffee table… 

Like shut up, but don’t shut up, but shut up. Synders living room set – 1 coffee table and 2 end tables. Solid birch circa 1950-55. Collection: Tilai Ellis- Stairs. Living room revamp DONE. And for under $100.

Mid-century bedside tables x 2 – $250 (that’s BOTH)

For the purist wanting a little less of the light wood… These 2 tables in Leslieville have your number.

Condo-sized perfection. Match with a black and white graphic rug. Add colourful chairs. Or some vintage finds that don’t match at all. Simple. Cheerful. Spring decorating!

How this is still available we don’t know… Well, technically we do, it’s still available because we don’t have room for it and didn’t buy it when it was up for grabs the last time we wrote about it like 3 months ago. This is original designer, lie to your friends and say you paid full price because you’re impressive and deserve expensive things, type shizz right here. Like this table is worth 4x this new. BUY THIS TABLE.

Another steal of a deal that would suit matching with the aforementioned white table for an eclectic and fresh look in the living room, or could be paired with that MCM sideboard for a more earthy feel with some fresh green palm leaves in a vase…. Designer couch for less than 25% of what was originally paid for it? Jazz that baby up with some colourful throw pillows and have the in laws over! You’re good!

Happy Easter, everyone!



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