DIY Update: Tea Towel Curtain Revamp

Last year we did a DIY feature on the Tea Towel Curtains (West Elm) curtains we have in the upstairs bathroom,and well.. They’ve been in there for a few years now and somebody’s starting to feel a little bit itchy… Luckily with Keith’s quickly mounting list of projects and summer updates, an extra set of tea towels will not go amiss (trying to cut down on that paper towel addiction!)

But how to choose??? Help us out and give us your thoughts in the comments about which ones you like best because honestly, there’s too much choice! Minimalist? Striped? Floral? Funny? Stick with something simple or go nuts with colour? Le sigh. Here’s our decidedly NOT short shortlist…

Marble Print Tea Towel CA$14.00 from  

The floor in the bathroom is marble, and we are so about marble print right now….

Kaiku tea towel Price: $20.00 from

We have always had a thing for this bright, fresh birch tree influenced landscape… Like having a view from the bathroom window without having to give the neighbours a show!

How AWESOME is this? SO. MUCH. FUN.

Blue or pink? We like this simple cloud like pattern and the contrast between the black stamped design and the Pantone 2016 colours of the year… See? See how hard this is????

Isn’t this pretty? Like super graphic and colourful and delicious? Looking out the bathroom into another country… Iceland to be exact. Le sigh.

Avril Loreti Honey Hex Tea Towel $ 25.00 from 

Seashell honeycomb sunshine!

Can’t go wrong with something from Scandinavian design powerhouse HAY… We like the contrast of the colours with the matching design, so you can switch it up from side to side if you’re more about one than the other and then change your mind… Be careful about going down the HAY tea towel hole on this site. They’re dangerously gorgeous.

And of course you can never go wrong with a little bit of David Shrigley. Just the ticket for an inspirational Monday morning shower, in January, when there’s 4 ft of snow outside but no snow day for you!

And because a list like this wouldn’t be complete without a doggie print… Love this crisp, clean melon stripe. Soft spot for melon, always.

Got something to say or think you’ve got a tea towel that needs to compete??? Let us know in the comments!!




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