Craigslist Finds, Mothers Day 2016: Look At All the Things You Found For Your Mom!

All is not lost if you haven’t managed to get your mom anything for Mother’s Day or your siblings have just left you out of the carnation bouquet order this year… Which if they’re actually  carnations is fine because #ew. Do these instead. Thrifty AND stylish? Makes a mother proud. Or for those moms out there that are reading this and want one of these pieces you kind of have to get it because it’s your day and because childbirth so shut up and go to Whitby and pick you up that side table… why are you still even discussing this?

Bergere chair – $150 

The colour is decidedly not for everyone, but in an all white Scandinavian inspired room, or reupholstered and painted a lacquered bright colour? Someone’s Sunday Funday project… and that doesn’t even have to be you! (again, use the force; 36 hours of labour-force)

Jens Risom – Teak & Laminate Coffee Table (Mid Century Modern) – $399

This actually would look kind of cool with that chair. And the white/wood mix up is a nice departure from the heaviness of some MCM pieces… Also easy to clean, which is key. Though you’ll still need coasters for red wine Saturday night action.

Danish teak 9 drawer dresser – price reduced! – $425 

Talk about a Sunday steal! The only things that’s holding you back from buying this RIGHT NOW is making sure theres a wall in your house that can accommodate something this long. Cause if it’s too smushed it’ll just frustrate you, and then you’ll have to buy a bigger house. And who am I kidding, finding something reasonably priced in THIS market? Am I right?

The whole lot for $350 or $200 for the table and $200 for the chairs. The photos of the table are the best, but the chairs alone are a steal. Hopefully these people are around today to take your money!

Yeah, this is gorgeous and underpriced and why are yo still reading this and not emailing them right now?

Granted this desk is ex Ikea, but it looks sturdy enough to be a workshop desk, or something your teenager can mess up without you caring.. It’s actually quite stylish, so whatever, nobody has to know where it came from. Except your bank account (and just barely!).

Not a bad price, it’s bright and fun for a splash of colour that can go with pretty much any style of furniture, and even do some double duty as a kitchen island? Win/win.

The black one is $70 but the white one, which is equally as faboosh (though we recognize not everyone can handle the gold) is $40, but it has some damage. Space age martinis and intergalactic vol au vents ,anyone?

Even if you don’t have a piece of wood or marble or whatever that can go on top of these legs, who cares? Get this steal of a deal now and figure out the top NEXT weekend. Or this afternoon, depending on how crafty you’re feeling. Reuse one of those doors you took down last time you painted and cover with a pieces of glass? Badass.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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