Cottaging Around: Get some spring in your refresh!

I don’t know if this is gonna be a thing every year, but it seems like there’s always good stuff for updating. Maybe you don’t necessarily buy a new thing every year… But you encourage other people to buy or… You write a blog. Cough.

Here’s some top picks of the things we’ve seen around this spring in our ever expanding accessory collection dream scrapbook. With words and pricing and links to see and buy. So way more dangerous. DANGER: DECOR

These need need black throw pillows, a minimalistic tall grass thing and angular glasses. Plus wine.

It’s an Adirondack chair but a little less adirondack-y. On a grey porch with some large candle lanterns. Or on a nice stretch of green grass that has just been cut.

So things don’t die you plug these babies into your soil and they water the soil over 3-4 days. So you’re at least 3-4 times LESS likely to kill your plants! Cool, right?

You could spend almost as much at Ikea easily, so why not go the extra and get something a little more envy inducing and a little like like the stuff everyone else on your street probably has? This set is on sale right now, so you better hurry!

It’s a hammock, and it’s a chair, and it’s a swing. You’ll be fighting people for who gets to sit next in this on your porch. Just make sure if you’re dumping someone out of it that there’s some cushions on the ground they can fall in to, because #considerate.

Ikea’s outdoor furniture game has never been one to scoff at, however they’ve recently been adding to their plant display furniture and the stuff is pretty awesome looking. The whole line that the above plat stand belongs to is modern-minimalist enough to rep as regular furniture, sans plants, so you can take the stuff in and actually use for the other 8 months of the year when it’s not sweltering hot. (yes it gets hot as $%&# here in the summertime, non Canadian folks. Hot, humid and ‘you need to take a shower after being outside for 10 minutes’ kind of stank)

For when someone accidentally kicks the food and drinks over when they are summarily ejected from the hammock chair… Or something. For example.

Like we could make it through this post without at least ONE throw pillow. Reliability is a nice thing sometimes.



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