Stuff We Love: West Elm’s Got MAJOR Sale Game Right Now…

Every summer we switch out the duvet for a lighter, summer weight quilt because a) this gives us an excuse to buy more bedding and b) because it’s lighter and I’m super cheap about the cost of electricity/running the A/C. For the past however many years that West Elm has been in Toronto, I have bought as many of their summer weight quilts sets as can be fit in the linen closet without everything tumbling out. We have 4 sets right now in various stages of wear (the older ones that the dogs have put holes in get the duvet cover treatment). This past week we happened by West Elm in Liberty Village and whaddaya know… It’s summer bedding sale time!

Biggest hack I have finally succumbed to this year: a king size coverlet. We already know that when the time comes to update the size of the bed, we are fully going King. And the Queen size covers, while ok if you have two people in the bed who are friendly cover sharers, is decidedly too damn small when you add in 2 dogs and 2 subconsciously selfish sleepers. So yes, we recognize that the cover literally COVERs the whole bed and sides, but this is in the name of peace and forward thinking estate planning. Feel free to use that when you come back home this week with bags full of stuff and your partner asks WTF? #bfdmademedoit

While we couldn’t take home the whole store, and believe us there are some delicious velvet furnitures and chairs that so need to keep us company in the living room, here’s a quick visual melange of some of the other top bits and pieces we think you should try to get your hands on before they’re gone. #sorrynotsorry


Anyone else love how they’ve made the ‘OG’ fancy like a word? That may actually be a real word, but we’l take the hip hop reference because there’s so very little we get to cling to from the subcultures of our youth that is funny AND home decor related. If you don’t know.. now you know.

Dear chair. Shut up. We get it. You and your footstool are genetically superior than most of everyone’s outdoor furniture. Now get in my car.

Well Wally, your style is much better than your name gives you credit for… Nice little addition to a side table or entrance console, methinks!

Be still our beating marble hearts. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Flamingo towels because how could you not?!?! Perfect addition to the bathroom for a little summer spruce up. We’re partial to the melon coloured ones, obvs. But why stop with one colour when you can get BOTH?

We bought this one in store on Tuesday for $15. No joke. We have 5 million pillow inserts for some weird reason that has nothing to do with an addiction to throw pillows (and that’s a sexist assumption that holds no weight in the real world thank you very much). I am addicted to throw pillow DESIGN, which is different.

They have a bunch of these as well, which we had to keep ourselves from buying because we don’t have enough room to store the outdoor pillows we have now.. But these would be great for extra seating in the backyard for guests, and they’re washable in case your guests like wine or Cheetos, because #classy.

Have fun at West Elm! You’ve been warned!



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