Mega Bunch of Craigslist Finds! W/E of June 26th

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, like maybe even weeks, but there was a redonkulous explosion of good stuff on the List of Craig this weekend. So let’s go!

3:30, 3:30, 3:30…

Fab deal and love the little penny sized details. There’s surely a proper name for what that is, but we aren’t sweating it…

How. Cool. Are. These. Good for basement mess hiding/office space creating.

It is wonderful. And it’s Thonet! Hello?

A lighter play on the heavy office or den chair, these are only going to get better with age. And they are Roots leather so… Canada.

Why you wouldn’t buy these if you need barstools..? Cannot possibly fathom.

Two affordable white modern chairs that aren’t the standard Ikea fare? Not too shabby.

Need a door? The hardware alone costs more than the price, so you’re out ahead and you have a door!

Seeing these against an all white wall, or maybe go totally opposite and maybe try a candy apple red wall? And they look like you can sit in them sideways, which is comfortable when watching GOT. (am I rite?)

For the hall or entranceway? And that price? I’ll be surprised if this lasts another 24 hours!

Not sure… Like? Don’t like? Could be nice on a large porch or in a kitchen? On the fence.

Happy Shopping, everyone! And Happy Short Week! See you on the long weekend!




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