Livin La Vie Canada

As Canadians there’s a lot about our ‘way of life’ that is being considered quite attractive vs the alternatives by some literal and figurative neighbours… We think probably the best way to assimilate will require watching of videos, such as this from the Youtubes.


How to Be Canadian (click on this, the picture is just a picture)

It will also involve a significant amount of armchair politics and online research. If you’re considering Canada, you’re already heading in the right right direction so BFD can just not with the pointing out of the obvious (and what we hope is obvious) and hope you have enough of an affinity for poutine/Tim Hortons/maple syrup that you’ll feel right at home when you get here.

So considering there’s enough people with plenty (of stupid %&*#) to say regarding politics, we will say something about the things that really matter like what cool stuff to buy from Canadians that’ll make you look Canadian from REAL Canadians. Please. Thank you. Now look at this montage/mood board of fantastic-ness!


As you know affordability is always paramount for us in 99% of the things we are posting, but we also wanted to showcase some of the best of the best, which, regardless of country of origin, doesn’t always come cheap. That chandelier has always been one of our dream pieces, as has any kind of new couch, so we have taken some long weekend liberties. Sorry. (Also, get used to apologizing, we do it a lot. That’s totally true)

1. Branches Chandelier, starting at $2,000 CAD – Brothers Dressler

2. Iconic Point Blanket Multistripe, starting at $350 – Hudson’s Bay

3. TAVALO SIDE TABLE, $175- Umbra

4. Frame Cabin Candle, $15 – Drake General Store

5. Pineapple Shot Glasses $44 – Set of 2, Copper by W&P Design –

6. Lenn Sofa , $1,388 – Design Republic

7. Sheet Double Dresser, $639 (50% OFF!!!) – EQ3 Modern Furniture

Happy Shopping and Happier Long Weekend!



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