Stuff We Love: Marble Mania (for the masses)

There are few natural stone surfaces that have captured our heart more than marble over the past few years. Although definitely trendy, and we will include a few examples here on the more ‘hip’ side of the trend for sure, because why not, white marble has transcended many decorous centuries relatively intact (save for the odd missing male reproductive organ/strategically affixed fig leaf of bygone eras).

Neoclassical Marble Bath $45,011.89CAD from

The thing is though… Marble can also be a gigantic pain in the a%&. It’s still relatively expensive as a material for furniture, it’s heavy (duh), porous (no red wine/tomato sauce for YOU!) and un-fixable once cracked (let me tell you the one about when someone tried to clean the chandelier above my parents marble dining room table, and stood on the table, and then…They now have a stainless steel dining room table). So how to get the look of marble without the big bucks? Have we got some finds for you!!!

As much as we have our hearts set on that marble bath for our country estate, imagine the difference in shipping alone… Oven mitt vs giant, #$%& off sized 18th century bath thingie? Not even sure if that bath will fit into the back of the Canada Post van… With the mitt set, however, you can be classy while you burn things!

Now you can legit protect your table from red wine stains using the most not recommended for wine stains material in the world! But look how cool these are! Practical? Maybe 50% of the times. Affordable? 100% of the times.

WALL CLOCK WHITE (Marble & Copper) $30 USD by Will Wild from

And speaking of time… #seewhatididthere This is a great little piece to add to a gallery wall, an office or even a Scandi-inspired kitchen.

You cant even GET a blanket made from real marble anymore (I think they stopped making them when people started getting crushed/throwing their backs out when trying to fold them), so this is the perfect ‘make your couch look like an Italian piece of art’ alternative. AND you can wash it.

Or you could go for the full 8 hour a day experience instead… A far lighter alternative to an entire bed made out of the stuff, that’s for sure. Also an inexpensive way to decide if that marble mausoleum you and your friends were looking at chipping in on is a good long term investment for post-life relaxation.

And just because you can… Why not add some gold into the mix? A great option for dressing up a grey couch with a little machine washable splendour. And there’s a rose gold version too. For rich people pillow fights.

In case you aren’t quite sure about changing up the hardware in your kitchen to brass but still want a little bit of that love by the back door… $100 will get you the fix you need. Can also be used in a fancy bathroom for jewelry and perfume storage…Yummy.

And for the slightly more practical tech head, a geometric bluetooth speaker that’s as stylish as it is portable. Would look very nice resting on that CB2 shelf come to think of it…

Marble Wallpaper by Ferm Living $124.00 CAD from

Oh that old wall? Yes, entirely marble. They had to bring the pieces in with a crane they were so large! Yes I realize I have no balcony or windows large enough  in my apartment so that may technically be impossible. Stop harshing my mellow, dude.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must retire to my newly installed steam room for a cleansing respite from all this opulence. All this fabulous can be exhausting… But with affordable shipping!




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