CraigsList Finds: Weekend of August 21

Some really good stuff on the old list of Craig at the moment. We have had to talk ourselves out of at least a few pieces already this week. Our life is very difficult.

How cool is this thing? Yes ok, the dryer part sort of negates it from being the main seating choice in your living room, but just push the thing back and you still have a pretty awesome chair. Or consider it a silence helmet for hiding from screaming children? Or next door neighbour bad music choices? So many uses.

These are actually quite pretty. Don’t let the price point put you off, there’s a lot of cool stuff that you could maybe add in to the piece to make it your own if the orig pieces are not your vibe. A photo of the dog? One of the kids in a canoe on the lake? There are loads of DIY tutorials out there to show you how to super impose your own images into existing landscapes, so wouldn’t be that hard… All you need is a photo of a sasquatch and some modge podge and you’re G2G!

This lamp rules. Obvs because #lucite but also because it’s $80 and will have pride of place in whatever room you put this in. Gorgeous and affordable? DONE.

You’d spend just as much on brand new, but why? These are so much cooler, and a steal of a deal as they could legit be selling these for at least 50% more. The upholstery may not be everyone’s taste, admittedly, but we like the cross decade 60’s meets 80’s vibe we got going on here. Would be perfect with an angular, plain white dining table or something in chrome and glass.

This is a great way to mix and match lightbulbs or go uniform matchy over the dining room table or perhaps in an entranceway. We’d probably get 8 different style of light bulb, to be honest, but that’s just cause we get bored of the same thing. For bargaining purposes, you’ll do better getting 8 of the same bulbs.

It’s probably this affordable because it’s in Pickering, but don’t let Oliver Jewellery’s latest POS TV ad scare you off, you could probably spend just as much time sitting in traffic on the Gardiner between Yonge and Spadina on a bad day, so make the trip! It’s all wood (good) in the hood!

This is definitely one of the more impressive Ikea hacks with this desk that we’ve ever seen (this is an Ikea desk btw). Your kid doesn’t know who Mondrian is? Well they will NOW! If we hadn’t already bought a new desk off Craigslist 2 weeks ago we’d deffo be checking this one.

It’s $50. You could pay 10x that for something like this that’s styled the way you want, but WHY? Paint it a high gloss white? Reupholster  it with some Kelly Green velvet? The world is literally your oyster with this piece. Make it happen. Do your dreams.

How are you still reading this having NOT clicked on the above link??? Steal of a deal and these two pieces are in mint condition and original Canadian vintage.

Not bad for $180. And even with a bit of wear, leather can take it where fabric absolutely cannot. Good for a den or second couch in a basement, maybe even an accent piece in a bedroom if your room is large enough!



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