Shops We Love: Retrodromme on

We had the opportunity to meet Stephano, the owner of Retrodromme, last summer at the Leslieville Flea, though we had been backing and forthing as Instagram fans before then… The thing that struck me about their stall, and still continues to blow my (and our collective) mind (s) is a) how awesome and varied the shop’s taste is, but also how unbelievably reasonably priced their goods are. Some pieces, especially the most collectible glass and china, are on the higher end of the under $400 affordability scale, however their furniture? Every time they post a new piece I’m always kicking myself because a) we have NO MORE ROOM FOR NEW FURNITURE and b) I WANT ALL THE FURNITURE.

Vintage Chair by Canadian Office & School Furniture / Preston Canada / pick-up or GTA delivery CA$75.00

This chair is $75. Yes, your read that right. I can’t capitalize numbers but if I could, I would have just done that. FOR EFFECT. This shop is legit one of the best hidden treasures for GTA vintage style seekers. And they deliver.

Mid Century Black & Gold glasses by Cutler / with matching tray! CA$165.00

Or you can get off your ass and go pick stuff up, though we warn you: we cannot be held responsible for the things you may come across while within their orbit in addition to the pieces that are worth the drive to Acton…(that’s a vintage Canadian commercial reference to TV advertising from the 80’s/90’s/early 2000’s, FYI).

Mid Century Bubble Glass Lamp/ chrome & glass / in the style of HELENA TYNELL CA$125.00 

Love LAMP. No more room for lamps. YOU should love lamp for us. Please. And all of these other pieces as well, we can’t pick just one. So here’s a few more. Cause supporting local business and buying vintage feels good and is good for you. Like granola.

Mid Century Starburst Clock/ Brass/ by Westclox/ Made in Canada/ model AS8-G/ “Bellevue” CA$175.00 

What time is it? STYLE O’CLOCK. Or 1:38pm. Either or is the correct answer.

Vintage 1980s Fujimori Clouds Collection/ Kato Kogei/ 4 cups-4 plates- creamer-sugar bowl CA$375.00

If you don’t have any fancy plates yet, because people don’t really buy fancy plates anymore, but want something to bring out when you have people over for dinner that can easily compliment a plain white set of china? Done. Cheese never looked so future-retro.

1980’s Round Sculpture Heavy Metal Lamp/ Brass base/ Heyco CA$165.00 

Another gorgeous lamp which could work with an MCM living room as much as a patterned wallpaper bedroom. Because you can’t have just one. You need at least 5. Or 10.

Milo Baughman Retro office/school club chairs / metal frame CA$150.00 

Yes you read that price right. see what we mean about how well priced their furniture finds are? house of chairs. House of lamps. Both of these things make total sense.

Mid Century teak ice bucket / Aluminum inside / 1960’s CA$75.00 

To get your MCM bar cart off to a good start… Start with the ice. Put it on ice. Ice Ice Baby. Ok that’s enough.

Retrodromme can also be found on Instagam here. Happy Labour Day Shopping!



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